5 Simple Steps To Avoid Living Room Design Disasters

Living Room DesignFor most people, the living room is their key room. After all this is likely to be the one place inside the home that the whole family can congregate. Unwinding after a stressful day at the office is made easier if you enjoy the surroundings that are offered by your lounge or living room.

However, it doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes the living room becomes the place that no-one really wants to visit. This of course is a real shame as it can be detrimental to a healthy family life.

If you feel like your living room isn’t quite up to scratch then maybe now is the time to take action. Following the advice in this blog post should help you to steer clear of any major living room design issues.

Painting Far Too Soon

It’s fair to say that a fresh lick of paint can work wonders in improving the virtues of a room, not least the lounge area.

Hopping off down to the local hardware store might make sense; however, before you do, take a moment to think about things. If you are planning to change some furniture in your renovation then these should be bought long before the paint. The reasoning behind this is that it is so much easier to match the paint scheme to the furniture than the other way around.

Failing to Remove Things

Over time most people will have built up a fair amount of possessions, this is just fact and forms part of human nature.

However, if you don’t keep on top of things you can almost be over-run. To help avoid this situation when adding to your living room you should always try to take something else out. This goes a long way to making sure you are don’t have too much in there.

Additionally, if something is rarely used then take it out. Giving it away to charity can be a nice thing to do, or for those who want to cash in on its value then selling on eBay works out too.

Not Considering Scale

A classic mistake when it comes to furnishing a living room happens when people don’t consider scale.

The reality is that furniture showrooms are expansive places. Sofas will nearly always look smaller than they actually are, until of course they are delivered to you. To prevent this it is sensible to take measurements of how much space you have rather than measure the sofa and then try to fit it in. The bottom line is, just because it looks wonderful in the showroom environment it doesn’t mean it will work in yours home.

If at all possible, try to buy from a supplier that will allow you to return the sofa if it doesn’t fit. Some will, providing of course you haven’t made use of it.

Discounting the Entire Family

Doggie Footprints!Another aspect that sometimes serves to trip people up is forgetting about all of the family members. Put simply, when you are buying new floor coverings or indeed decide to splash out on that uber-sleek designer sofa it is sensible to consider everyone.

If either, children or pets are in your home or will be at some stage in the future then they need considering. That beautiful wool rug might not look so great once “Max” or “Buddy” has given it a good going over.

The moral here is to perhaps try to consider furnishings that are more “wear friendly”.

Settling for Anything

Adding to your lounge isn’t something that should be done on impulse. Sadly, though this is how a great many people operate. To be fair, the shops normally do a pretty good job of enticing people to part with their money.

So, if you are thinking of adding a new rug or a vase to compliment other items in your living room don’t just drive down to the store and buy the first thing you see. Best practice dictates that you think about the purchase and how it will interact with the other items in your house. Also try to imagine what it will look like in 6-12 months’ time.

If you are someone that finds impulse buying almost irresistible then take a look at the article “How to stop buying on impulse”, which can be found on the BBC website.

The best things are nearly always worth waiting for, so if in doubt, don’t.

The Wrap-Up

Living rooms aren’t all that difficult to get right, when you follow some simple pointers. The main idea is to think things through and try not to act too much on impulse.

Overstocking items can be a big issue and cause problems with space, likewise the same can apply if you don’t properly measure up for that new sofa.

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Prior to embarking on a career as a freelance writer, your author (Stan James) spent a number of years as an interior designer. He recommends dealing with someone like Furnishing Homes as they offer a 7 day money back guarantee, ideal if you did mess up on the size available for your new sofa.

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