A Basic Guide To Custom Tree Houses

For a lot of children playing in a tree house is a part of growing up. It tends to be exciting and a fun place to mess about and camp in. As adults there is always the fear that children could potentially hurt themselves. However if you design it properly you can ensure that children have fun and their custom tree houses are a fun and safe place to play around in.

Before you begin work you need to check local planning permission and regulations. It may sound strange but there are varying views on this. Some local areas consider it to be an additional structure and therefore you are required by law to get the relevant permission before you can build it.

Having a different style will make it stand out. For example you may want to do it in the style of something from their favourite story or cartoon. The thought of hanging out in a base in the style of their favourite superhero or a hang out with their favourite cartoon character will be very appealing for them.

You should also talk about it with your children. Getting them to discuss ideas and create designs can often be a fun activity in and of itself. You may not necessarily use all their ideas but it can often make them feel included in the process.

Access is also an issue. Ideally there ought to be more than one way for the children to be able to reach it. For example you may want a ladder at the front and a rope at the back. You may even want to include hidden entrances and exits to make it feel even more exciting.

When you are building you need to remember who you are building for. This may seem obvious but it is easy to forget that you are not building something for you but something for children to fit into. Therefore you should check the height of your children and keep everything in their proportions.

Remember when you do the design to always keep in mind that it is for the children. Therefore measure the height of your children and maintain everything in that proportion. This will ensure that everything will be easy enough for them to reach and that they are comfortable inside it.

You can find various tips to help you build custom tree houses online as well as video tutorials to guide you through each step of the design and construction process. There are also various places where you can get the supplies and equipment you need. With the right approach you will be able to create something that your children will love.

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