An Insight To The Commonly Used Pumping Units

The fact that petroleum is mined from deep underground and it high viscosity mean that a pump is need to bring it to the surface for refining. Pumping units are installed or mounted in an area where the crude oil has been discovered to mechanically siphon the oil to the pumping plant. They are categorized into two main groups: movable and stationery. In terms of motor, this unit can be of turbine, electric, diesel or internal combustion type. In the recent past, many manufacturers of these devices have come up leading to the emergence of a wide range of designs and styles.

Ampscot type has been in use for a long time now. It is well known for its ability to last long which means it is highly dependable. It has a high mechanical efficiency, low operating cost and an amazingly high resale value. This means that you will not lose much even after using it for a few years. These qualities have made this type of pumps to have a good reputation.

These pumps are manufactured in various sizes. The manufacturers have not rested because there is a continuous modification of the amspcot pumps to enhance their capability. This is aimed at enabling them to be relevant as technology keeps advancing. They are designed to meet the specified quality assurance for the satisfaction of the client.

The next type is the maximizer which is known for quality and has a versatile nature. Customers have grown to like it because of the unique features. It is designed to offer optimum performance implying that it is a brand to reckon with. The pump has proved to work effectively even with a drop in the level of oil or relocation to another site.

Its good features enable it to be run in both directions using steel or fiberglass rods. Its unique and improved design plays a key role in energy saving and helps to reduce the operating costs. In order to use it, it has to be mounted on a two-point ground which helps to save on concrete cost and the time of installation.

Beam units are known for their reliability in the performance. The good thing with this equipment is that it is easy to operate and maintain. All over the world they are known by the name workhouse of the oilpatch. They come in different size and are easy to install thus helping save on time.

Hydraulic unit is the easiest when it come to installation. This is because it has very few moveable parts. It uses a rod string in its operation. It is normally used where noise and security are a big concern. Many prefer this unit due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The VSH2 type of pumping units is very flexible and versatile in its uses. It can be used in testing oil wells and also in dewatering gas wells. It was designed specifically for heavy crude oil fields and wells which have problems with rod fall. It uses nitrogen-over-hydraulic technology to enable it to lift a huge load. It a very reliable unit which requires low maintenance and it is very easy to install due to the fact that it has only three moving parts.

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