Aquaponics & Agricultural Benefits By Philippe Van Den Bossche

For the longest time, the methods utilized in order to cultivate crops have been relatively unchanged. The basics have been utilized – sunlight and water included – and they have yielded good results, especially under weather conditions which can change on a day to day basis; sometimes without the shifts being able to be predicted. That being said, a new development has been occurring and it goes by the name of aquaponics. To say the least, it is intriguing and Philippe van den Bossche would be able to agree.

According to an article on Mashable, aquaponics is a unique method that will be able to aid in the growth of plants. Basically, it involves the cultivation of plants and the growth of fish in the same body of water. As fish are able to create waste, the water is able to circulate said waste in order for it to be converted into nutritious feed that the plants would take in so that they could thrive. It was a method that Parcs Holman described as, “replicating nature.”

This is not an entirely new process, though, as it has been one which has been around for quite some time. Plants and fish alike have been able to grow in the water together before but there is far more of a scientific approach seen here, as Philippe van den Bossche would be able to support. The system is one that relies on detail and it is a sensitive system to boot. Attention is the key point to consider and names the likes of Philippe understand that this is vital if chemical imbalances are not to be had.

While there were many details that have been gone over, I was especially surprised by the use of water. For example, let’s say that you were watering plants through typical means; chances are that only 2 to 5 percent of that water would actually reach the plants. Aquaponics is different, though, as water constantly flows, which means that something like evaporation does not have to be considered as much. Several gallons of water move, which means that plants will have a steady stream of nourishment to benefit from.

While not everyone will be able to grow and manage their own aquaponics greenhouse, the fact that work is being done in this regard is noteworthy. One would have to wonder how much more consistent the growth of crops can be with this method set in place. Could farming be made easier thanks to a system like this or is it nothing but a pipe dream? To me, aquaponics is the ideal marriage of traditional methods and more modern technology in order to create sustainable agriculture.

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