Benefits Of Blue Henon Bamboo Tree

There is increased need for beautification of the environment as many companies and entities call for the need to make the environment green. The world has been depleted a lot by human activities such as logging and large scale production to a point that it is necessary for reforestation. Blue henon bamboo tree is one among the solutions that many people opt for due to the many benefits its offers.

The family in which the plant belongs is called phyllostachys nigra. Major defining characteristics are height and aggressiveness. A typical, full grown plant can stand as high as thirty feet. Aging leads to a change in the normal green color to sky-blue coloration. The change starts at the nodes when a gray wax-like dust starts being deposited at the nodes. The name transformation in color of the poles is partly responsible for the name.

The diameter of bamboo poles varies with age and mature ones have diameters that are as wide as six inches. Furniture can be manufactured from poles of such large diameters. Many people are attracted to the plant because of this benefit and many others. The first benefit is the ease with which it can be planted and cared for. Additionally, it has good ability to survive frost and drought.

Blue henon bamboo plant also has very green leaves, which make it very attractive when planted in the garden. It gives a green touch to the garden that is very hard to match, especially with the many benefits that accompany it. Mature ones give a very nice shade and a sense of privacy to people and animals. When planted along the fence, the may offer security in addition to privacy.

Another benefit of this species of bamboo is that people have a wide variety of species to choose from. Different species have different characteristics that make them suitable for different functions and settings. This feature is usually hard to get in other kinds of trees. People who are trying plants for the first time can find them very good because they are low-maintenance.

There are specific growing conditions that make growth optimal. These conditions should be achieved to avoid retardation in the tree. First, plenty of direct sunshine must be ensured most times of the day. It fastens growth and ensures health. The moisture content of the soil must also be high, especially within a few weeks of planting. Acidity of the soil should be moderate while fertility must be high.

Despite the size of mature bamboo poles, young plants are normally very small in size. They grow into huge trees slowly. One should keep in mind this growth when planning the space in which it is to be planted. They produce suckers that grow into independent trees too. Suckers can be pruned to control the number.

The current market has several service companies that produce the trees. One can place an order any time they want and specify the size, age, and variety among other features they want in the plant. Most sellers give discount when a buyer buys in bulk although that is not true for all sellers. However, when one asks for tips on planting and caring, most companies are usually happy to help.

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