Best Lawn Care Service In Fuquay Varina NC

Nothing feels better than seeing a green healthy yard as you get into your house. The lush carpet feel as you walk on it and watching your kids play during summer is undeniably awesome. Such benefits come with just the right tips on lawn care service in Fuquay Varina NC. Most people however are daunted by the prices quoted by yard experts when it comes to yard care. However it is possible to get a green healthy lawn as you save on your hard earned money.

One such way is to ensure that you turn on the sprinklers at the right time. Watering at the wrong time wastes both water and money. First do not water when the sun has already come up as most of the water will heat up and evaporate away. To get water absorbed into the soil, watering should happen before the sun rises. The water will soak in slowly and get absorbed by the grass giving you greener grass.

Watering the grass very day for a greener look is a myth and a bad practice. It is better to water the yard for a longer time then you skip at least a day before watering again. This method has been proven to give you greener grass with deeper firm roots.

Unwanted insects and pests present a nightmare to any person desiring the perfect yard. This makes many to resort to spending a lot of money on purchasing pesticides. However using organic and natural ways to kill pests is much cheaper. An additional advantage is that such methods sustain the ecosystem and are better for the environment. Artificial pesticides kill also useful organisms which add nutrients to the soil. You therefore spend more when you buy fertilizer to add nutrients.

Remember to feed your soil for better looking grass. Ensure that you fertilize the yard every 6 weeks. Choose slow release organic fertilizer to save money as you go green. Other kinds of fertilizers are absorbed too fast forcing you to fertilize too soon. Slow release releases the required nutrients slow feeding your grass giving you an all season round green look.

Most people have the habit of throwing away clippings instead of turning them into useful manure. You can either leave them on the yard for the natural process of decomposition to occur, or you can take them and decompose them away from the yard. Either way, ensure you use them as manure.

Reseeding your yard is important but when done at the wrong time, the effort becomes null. It is best to reseed during the fall. This gives the planted grass time to grow and become strong for two seasons. After fall and winter, the grass will shoot well during spring and it will also be strong enough to survive the harsh conditions of summer.

Finally, do not forget to aerate the soil to allow for air nutrients and moisture to get in to the roots. This gives you stronger healthier grass. This should also be done during the fall. You can buy or rent a plug aerator from your nearest hardware shop.

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