Best Methods To Use For Stump Removal

Places with many stumps are made to look ugly and unsuitable for any good investment. To raise the safety, beauty, and the economic value of a place therefore stump removal plays a very central role. Furthermore, if the stubs are small in size, they are a threat to people passing by. One can stumble on the stumps and injure themselves badly. Removing them is therefore the only best and viable option that must be taken.

Cutting down a tree and removing the leaves and the stem does not mark the end of the job if the stump is not removed. One can choose to buy or hire the equipment used for the job and do it themselves or they may hire firms that deliver such services. Local newspapers or the internet should be able to provide some important information on how to locate some of the best firms that remove stumps or rent grinders.

In Spring Hill Florida it takes not less than 90 US dollars for a service company to eliminate one piece of stub. On the other hand, renting companies charges different amounts for their machine depending on the size. It does not however cost less than 100 USD to rent the machine per day. Therefore it is economical to hire a grinder rather than a service company if the stumps are many. Most renting firms give some training and tips regarding use of their devices.

Five major methods are available for removing stumps from a place. Each technique requires different amounts of time, efforts, and money to go through. One should consider a method that combines the three factors best in making the choice. The available techniques can be grouped broadly as chemical, manual, natural, mechanical, and use of fire.

In the chemical technique, decomposition of the stump is accelerated by using chemical products. In most products, the decomposition is accelerated by potassium nitrate because it is the main ingredient. Holes drilled on the sides and at the top are used for pouring the chemical into the stub. The product used determines the rate at which the decomposition takes place. Some take as long as months while others only take a few weeks. Once complete decomposition has occurred, the stub can be removed with an axe because it becomes soft and weak.

Mechanical method makes use of machines to do the job. The commonly used machines are the grinders. These machines are directed at the stub with the teeth facing downwards. They chip the wood into small pieces as they grind it away. With proper skills this method should take a few minutes. The area around the stub must however be cleared of any stones, metal, plastics, or other wood.

Manual method entails removing the stub by digging it out using tools such as axes, spades, and machetes. When using this method one should remove all the surrounding roots first before attacking the tap root. That way, it is easier and faster to eliminate the entire stub. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of physical strength and time if the stub is big.

Use of fire to burn stumps down is also a good option especially if they are located away from public places. Fuel oil or kerosene should be used to speed up the process. Combustible fuels must never be used in this process.

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