Choosing The Right Wild Bird Feeders For Sale

Attracting birds to your garden can add colour to your view and make you feel more relaxed. Some people who are keen spotters can also use feed to attract specific types of species to their garden environment. This is why it helps to know which wild bird feeders for sale are most appropriate for your needs.

While a lot of species fly to tropical climates for the winter this is not always the case. Those that do stay in colder climates can sometimes struggle for food. Therefore it is worth knowing the right types of food for them as well as a suitable method to ensure they can access that food.

The type you choose will largely depend on the type you are trying to attract. The ones you choose may be targeted towards one specific species or a large amount. This will vary depending on the type of feeder you use and the type of feed you use to attract different species.

One convenient method of feeding birds is a platform. These are sometimes referred to as fly throughs for the simple fact that the birds can fly in, grab the food and fly off again. Some come with roofs and some without. What you choose depends largely on aesthetics. With this kind of feeder mixed seed, shelled peanuts and kitchen scraps work best.

Tables and ground feeders are best for a wider range. Tables are sometimes referred to as fly throughs because they tend to be platforms that a bird can hop onto, eat from and then fly off again. These can be with or without roofs although roofs are best to help shelter the birds and help to prevent feed being blow away in windy conditions.

Equally ground based feed areas can work well too. These work more effectively than simply throwing seed on the ground because it protects the feed from predators and adverse weather conditions. However you may wish to put some feed on the ground in other locations as well to attract a broader range of species.

You do not necessarily need to be restricted to one type of feeder. You may wish to rotate them in order to get different species at different times. Equally you may want one in one location and a different type some distance away so there is less competition and each type of bird can get their fair share. Whatever ones you choose you need to be sure they are reliable and suitable for the specific type of feed to attract the birds.

You can find a number of wild bird feeders for sale online. It is worth checking professional manufacturers to see if their products are guaranteed. If you buy from a private seller then check their feedback, especially if purchasing from an online auction site to check their reliability. Look online for product reviews and specifications to find the best feeders to suit your needs.

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