Common Types Of Exotic Flowers Calgary Provides

As a way of showing love and compassion to lovely ones, people tend to use a particular flower to do so. This piece of work discusses some of the most common exotic flowers Calgary provides its residents. If you would like to know details about the different varieties that are present, read the content below. At the end, you will find it easy to choose a flower that suits your needs and one that will not be challenging for you to find.

It will be fair to mention the orchids. Many people around the world sought after this plant. Regarding their presence, you can find orchids in almost all the continents of the world except the Antarctica. On finding them, you will realize that they are different types. With the types, come variations in their colour. Orchids from Asia have many colours while those from Africa are white.

The Heliconia is the common name for another exotic plant. The other names that refer to this plant include the Lobster Claw or the False Bird of Paradise. The Heliconia has colourful and bright bracts that constitute the most outstanding characteristic of these plants. The native areas for these varieties are the west Indonesia, Pacific Ocean Islands and tropical America.

The lotus is a very common flowery plant in India. Its widespread familiarity comes from the fact that Lotus is among the national symbols for India. The growth of Lotus is common in murky and shallow waters. This plant is native to Asia and Australia regions. Lots of sunshine is essential for the mentioned plant to blossom hence it comes to life during summer seasons.

The Painted Tongue is next on the list of discussion. Other people call it the Flamingo or Tail flower. However, the most common name for this variety of flower is that Anthurium. Waxy and thick leaves characterize the texture of this flowery plant. The leaves are also velvet or palmate in shape with a heart shape at the middle whereby they can be white, red or pink in colour.

Another variety that you should know about are the Calla lilies. The Calla lily has a trumpet shaped bract and it is large. The other names that people use to refer to this variety include the Trumpet Lily or the Arum Lily. If you happen to be in South Africa towards the end of the spring season, you will be able to see Calla lilies blossom in their wide range of colours.

Among the list of exotic flowering plants, you will also find the Birds of Paradise. These plants have the highest rate of blossoming between the period of September and May. Their unusual shapes are not enough to deny them their outstanding beauty. With such beauty and bright colour of orange, many people in South Africa, the native region of the mentioned plants, use them for landscaping.

Gardenias are also in the list of the variety under discussion. Tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia are the native areas for the Gardenias. Their fragrance and beautiful appearances sets them apart from other varieties. Pale yellow or white characterize their colour.

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