Create Functional Landscapes With A San Jose Landscape Design Contractor

Whenever you design any landscaping structure or feature, ensure it is functional. By functional it means that that landscaping should solve some problems in the homes. There are many aspects that can be resolved with use of plants, flowers, and shrubs. With a San Jose landscape design contractor, you will be able to come up with a landscaping feature that is very functional. Erosion is one thing, which causes many problems.

It is something that requires proper planning and creativity. The landscaping design ideas you see in magazines, the internet, and in homes can be modeled out to fit in your area. However, remember that each home is different and what might work for one home may not be appropriate for another.

Trees also extend roots to sewer lines thus blocking and causing backflows. The swimming pool may also be at risks if you have plants extending their root networks. Nonetheless, the same trees can be placed in safer distances away from the buildings so that you minimize the damages they cause. When you place trees, ensure they also provide shading for the home.

The UV light, which heats directly through the windows, may cause damages on floors, sofas, furniture, blinds, and other items. You can imagine the heat falling on your wooden floor everyday without being blocked. The floors will turn their color and fade away. The polish and sealers will wear out and soon you may experience warping of wooden flows.

Ensure that you work on the soils the way they are instead of amending them. Some people would like to amend the soil such as changing the pH but this is not sustainable. It is ineffective and costly in the long run because you have to keep on treating those soils. The best thing to do is to look for those plants that can do well in the soils without needing to amend them.

The user of gardens is another thing that is important to look at. You will have many people using gardens including the children, visitors, and even your animal friends such as pet. The kids and pets are particularly of major concern when you are planting trees and shrubs. Some trees are poisonous and will cause poisoning when a kid comes in contact with them.

When you put your design, ensure you get a combination of colors, textures, and sizes in order to create that aesthetic value from your designing. You will have plants in different forms such as the weeping, spreading, columnar, round and all these can be used to compliment or contrast with one another depending on how different or similar they are. Texture is also essential when you want to bring out the best landscaping feature.

Having plants with thorns causes some risks because they can puncture the eyes, skin, and soles. Your pets or the kids may be pierced by the thorns. Remember that pets and kids are very adventurous and playful. They will run in the yards and gardens as they play and if they accidentally fall on such harmful plants, it becomes an issue. The designs you come up should be able to complement the textures, colors, forms, and sizes.

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