Creating Some Resilient Handmade Tomato Cages

Whether its for your business or for personal use, growing the tomatoes the right way is important. Generally, they are easy to grow. The maintenance is not that difficult and they are adaptable. However, they need some support while growing. Just like how you raise a pet, you will need to guide its development untils its ripe for harvest.

Now you can do it by yourself. Handmade tomato cages are now gaining popularity among those who are raising the plant. The materials are simple and the steps are easy. Once done, you can already use it to guide the plants in growing vertically rather than sprouting in different areas.

There are commercial units that you can buy in the market. But if you want to save and personlalize its design, then your best bet would be to do it at home. The materials are simple and you can make as many as you want depending on the size of your garden or free space. Here are some of the basic things that you can take note of.

Size. You need to plan this out carefully to make sure that the tomatoes are not crushed inside the cage. Take time to get the measurements. Provide some extra space. If they are planted on the same time, then you may not need to do individual measurements.

Raw materials. This is where your preference for the caging will go. You can create it using wires, plastics or wood. Either of the three are great choices. You just have to think which one is more appropriate for your purpose. For instance, if you need something that is flexible so that you can easily bend it, then wires can be your best choice.

Style or design. Cages come in different forms. You can go for the rectangular type which is a commond design if you are using wood. There is also the triangular or circular methods for wires. Some even provided plastic covered on the cage for protection during heavy rain. Choose something that you are comfortable working at and at the same time looks great.

Number of cages. Now since you are doing it by yourself, you can expect to spend some time working on it. The more cages, the longer the time. If you can ask a family member or a close friend to help you, the better. Do an inventory first on how many you need and secure the materials that will be used.

Maintenance. This is something that is often forgotten by a lot of home owners. But just like any other tools, the cages also need maintenance every now and then. Cleaning them after a rain for instance will remove those dirt away. Also, doing some regular check up on them will help you assess if there are some areas of the cage that needs repair.

There is no need to spend too much just to create protection for your tomatoes. All that is required are the basics. If you can find the supplies at home, then no need to buy anything. Have fun personalizing one and get the best tomato harvest.

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