Creative Water Gardens And Koi Ponds New Jersey

Design and construction experts build custom designed ponds. Design elements include size and placement, waterfalls, fountains, streams, bridges, and aquatic plants. Well placed lighting can accent a waterfall, light a walkway to the pond, and cast light on the surrounding landscape. Most Koi ponds New Jersey design and construction companies also offer maintenance services on a monthly, seasonal, or as needed basis. Many offer 24 hour service for emergency repairs.

Monthly service takes the worry out of maintaining a Koi pond. The ecosystem must be kept in balance to keep fish alive. Service includes adding and changing water, maintaining proper water chemistry, removing debris, trimming aquatic plants, cleaning filters and skimmers, and checking pumps. Seasonal services prepare ponds for warming weather in the spring, and for cooling and cold weather in fall and winter.

Koi fish are descendants of the lowly carp. They were harvested as a source of protein by rice farmers of Japan. Around mid-1800, mutated fish with splotches of red and white began appearing in the harvest. Rice farmers began a selective breeding program producing the beautiful variety with over 100 pattern types that we know today. Koi enthusiasts have formed local clubs where enthusiasts gather together to share information. Meetings include lectures, pond tours, and Koi shows.

Twenty full grown Koi will require 2000 gallons of water. Pumps must be properly sized to circulate the entire volume of pond water at least once an hour. An ultraviolet sterilizer helps keep the water clean and clear. A de-icer keeps a hole in the ice and oxygenates the water.

Install a skimmer if your pond is located near trees. Clean leaves out of the pond daily. Ponds should include both sunny and shady areas within the fish’s environment. Keep water conditions healthy by testing for chlorine, pH, salinity, alkalinity, hardness, nitrates, nitrites, phosphate, copper, oxygen. If unsure, contract with a service company monthly, or at least seasonally, to be sure your pond remains a healthy ecosystem.

Another design issue is protection from fish eating wildlife. Mink, raccoon, or Great Blue Heron can wipe out your fishery, sometimes in a single visit. Ponds should be at least 4′ deep to keep fish safe from minks and raccoons. It’s best to choose a design that can be covered with a net if birds like Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons might be a problem.

Plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen in the water. They have a filtering effect, and provide shade and cover. The amount of sunlight affects the type of aquatic plants to be used in the landscaping. Aquatic plants like different environments. Some like still, some like moving water, still others prefer deep water.

Many design and construction services also offer consulting services. A professional with years of experience will review your design, construction, and equipment plan. A Koi pond is a time consuming, potentially expensive hobby. If you’re designing and building your own pond, it’s a good idea to have a professional review your plan. Catch mistakes or potential problems before work begins.

Add beauty and serenity to your backyard, garden, or office landscaping with Koi ponds New Jersey. Koi are also a substantial investment. The pond must be built correctly to maintain health and increase the longevity of the fish. Professional services include design, construction, repair, cleaning, emergency service, maintenance, spring/fall clean-up, and equipment upgrades.

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