De-Stressing Your Move: Tips For Making Your Next Move Easier

For some people, moving from one house to another is the worst thing they can think of doing.  Moving is such a hassle for everyone involved, and it’s a ripe time for flared tempers to come out.  Sometimes you can get family and friends to help with the big move, but with stress running high, you have to ask yourself how much you’d like to stay on their good side.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make moving a little easier.  Here are some tips to help you cope with some of the more easily-managed annoyances that come with a move.

1. Find Packing Materials Without Buying Them.

There’s literally no reason to buy boxes for your move as long as you’ve done some planning.  The natural inclination when we need boxes is to grab a few from local stores that gets rid of their boxes, but there are some even better options.  Your office, for example, might be a gold mine of computer boxes. They’re spectacular because they’re designed for heavy items, they’re fairly large, they stack well, and they usually have handles.

In terms of the packing materials to put between fragile items, start asking around as soon as you know you’ll need them.  Ask for anything like packing peanuts, foam, or bubble wrap so that as your friends get packages in the mail they can give you the packing material.  If you can’t get enough from people you know, try posting on Craigslist or Freecycle to see if anyone in your area has some items to help.

2. Know What’s Where, and Where it Goes.

One of the best things you can do to make for a better moving experience is to mark the boxes.  Don’t just settle for something like writing “kitchen” or “bedroom,” try color coded a system instead.  The guys helping you move will recognize a red dot much quicker than they can read “master bath.”  Unloading the truck will go much faster, and people holding heavy boxes like to know as quickly as possible where they need to go.

Additionally, you can keep a list as you pack of what’s in each box (generally), assign the box a number, and at the end you’ll have a manifest of everything you’ve packed.  That way if you need something quickly once you’ve moved, you know exactly which box it’s in.  It’s a simple tip, but it will save a lot of time and headaches later.

3. Get Professional Help.

One sure way to keep you and your friends happy as you move: hire the pros.  There are many reliable companies willing to move for you.  To find the right one, look for the best moving companies in your area through review sites.  That will help make sure you get a company that doesn’t have a reputation for poor prices, being late, or breaking things.

Moving companies are great because besides the muscle, they’ll come with their own truck and equipment to move the heavy stuff.  Just book early, especially if you want to move on or around a holiday.

If you’re planning a move, you’ll undoubtedly already be stressed out because of the general idea of moving to a new place, having to meet new neighbors, and not really knowing the new neighborhood yet.  Take some thought ahead of time to make the actual move easier.  Mitigate the stress by following some of these tips and your move be a much better experience for everyone.

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