Different Types Of Tucson Irrigation Systems

Tucson irrigation systems are very essential not only for watering plants, crops and flowers but they also help to conserve water source to avoid unnecessary wastage. These systems help to save hours of time you could have used watering your plants, garden or lawn by hand. There are various systems used for irrigating plants and each is customized for various uses of watering and the area it can cover. Mentioned below are some of these systems.

The first system is sprinkler system which is commonly used in apartment complexes, parking lots and golf courses. Pressure is the main mechanism in the system. This is because the system is located underground and when there is adequate pressure the sprinkler raises out so as to water the lawn. There are some systems in this category whose sprinkler is located above the ground. The main advantage of a rotary sprinkler is that a large area is covered due to its circular motion.

The center pivot type systems are mounted on towers and uses overhead sprinklers. This type also is also able to cover a large surface. They move in circular motion when watering. The good thing with this type of a system is that you can set on a timer so turn on and water plants at the right time of the day. It is commonly used in large farms.

Terrace system is another type. The system is useful in steep areas. Much labor is required in the system thus making it a less practiced irrigation method. In order to retain water in your land, you have to create steps in it. This will help in enhancing effective drainage in the slopes.

Drip system is the most effective type of irrigating system. Its effectiveness has been proved to be about 90 percent. This system delivers water right into the roots of the plants through dripping. It is also known as tickle system. Small quantity of water is used in this system since water is directly fed into the soil to reach the plant roots. One should however take care not to over saturate the soil. So the user has to make sure that he operates the system for a considerable amount of time to avoid destroying plants.

Surface irrigating system is also common and it uses gravitational force to distribute water which is supposed to seep to the soil. It is also referred to as flood system and is one of the ancient types of irrigating systems but still very useful today. One limitation of using this system is the way it tends to use a lot of water which saturates the plants.

There is also the ditch system. This type is one of the traditional systems that is slowly been replaced by newer methods. It works by placing of canals between rows of crops or seedlings. These canals are joined to the main canal which provides water to the various ditches and seeds to effect the watering of the seedling or plants.

Before you settle on any of these Tucson irrigation systems, you needed to seek the professional advice to know which one will work best for you. You should ensure that the system you choose is not only saving water, it is also very efficient. Finally, make sure that it is within your budget.

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