Discover How To Create Scrap Metal Garden Art

Nearly everyone has seen those unique ornaments placed throughout gardens. While folks can certainly purchase these ornaments at their local gardening supply store, it is fun to create them yourself. There are a number of websites that can instruct you on how to create scrap metal garden art. It is necessary to begin by searching for and collecting junk that you can turn in to a masterpiece.

Start by learning exactly what scrap metal is. When you understand what you will be looking for scour your shed, garage, and basement for things that are no longer used. The items you find might be tools that are rusted or broken, tire rims, old silverware, a watering can, or an old window frame.

Some other items that can enhance your decor are old ladders and wheelbarrows. These pieces can be the foundation for an awesome creation. Anything can become a yard ornament with a little imagination. With a little work with sandpaper and some rustproof enamel paint some rusted items can be decorated with bright colors.

When you combine painted junk with things that are left rusted offers a distinctive look. Make sure to collect pliers, a tin punch, wire cutters, old hooks, and some heavy wire. These are tools that you will use to create your masterpieces. For those who are a bit more adventurous, try your hand at welding to help you make yard creatures and animals.

Once you have a good collection of junk you need to study it to get an idea of what you can create. Arrange and rearrange the pieces to get ideas of how you want to use them. Sometimes it is necessary to add to the collection of junk if nothing appeals to the eye. Once an idea is sparked you are ready to start the project. You may envision an original design when you look at the scrap.

When you allow yourself to get creative you will be amazed at the interesting art you can produce. Collect soup and coffee cans and old funnels to make tin men. You can also make sound and wind catchers out of sheet metal that you have cut into strips and hang around your yard.

There are several ways to assemble the tin man with demonstrations and step by step instructions found online. Another idea is to use old wire hangers and old silverware to make a wind chime for the garden. This is the time to be creative and let your imagination run wild. Using an old tire rim, old kitchen pot, and bed springs, you can create a garden creature.

The tin snips you collected are used to cut strips of thin metal. Next you will punch a hole at the top of each one and twist them. Use wire to hang creating several wind catchers. You can also cut smaller strips, about 3 inches by 1 inch, and string them together to make sounders. A wind sounder is similar to a wind chime but makes a sound that is softer. You can also hang the strips from an old whisk or silverware. There is no limit to what can be created when folks use their imagination.

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