Easy Landscaping Techniques

Easy landscaping ideas can be turned to realities by focusing on them one by one. Planting big swaths of the same plant is one of the easiest landscaping ideas to implement.

In planting, use the same plant colors, shapes or varieties. This prevents the creation of a hodgepodge landscape look. The use of plants that serve more than one purpose is ideal for landscaping limited outdoor spaces.

Easy landscapes do not necessarily preclude high maintenance as one may infer. They can involve very low caring cost provided it is planned in advance.

Impacting can be achieved with the use of trees and shrubs. By simply selecting varieties with colorful foliage, they can be great attention grabbers. With some creative pruning, they can truly shine on their own instead of being only backgrounders.

A common mistake by homeowners in landscaping their yard is to simply place a plant somewhere because there is space for it there. Correcting this mistake is a matter of drawing a plan for the whole yard, or at least one large area of it, before starting to do anything. As much as possible, stick to the plan.

Having a lawn or a grassy area in the yard is not an obligatory landscaping option. Instead of using turf grass, which is the type of grass normally used, for your lawn, you can opt to use ornamental grass, clovers and even moss.

Do your planting to cover all four seasons of the year. Most homeowners only plant for spring and summer when actually autumn also offers a bounty of colors worthy of inclusion in easy landscaping ideas. As to winter, there a number of winter trees and shrubs that can bring cheer to an otherwise dull yard.

It is important to install an automated irrigation system for your landscape. You may not see the necessity for this on the onset but you will glad you did when you start planning that annual family vacation you always take.

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