Easy, Safe Care For Your Fountain, Bird Bath

A bird bath, fountain or a koi pond are all beautiful features for your backyard. While these items are lovely decorations, they do require cleaning to keep them safe for birds, fish and other animals.

When you clean the water, it is always best to use products without harsh chemicals. You need to find chemical-free products that are safe for pets, all wildlife and people. Fortunately, there are products on the market that are extremely easy to use and contain only natural ingredients.

The koi pond is especially fragile, as it contains your precious fish. To keep the fish healthy and safe, consider using either the AquaLily system or perhaps AquaSpherePro. Each of these contains helpful types of bacteria that work to keep water clean and fresh. The AquaLily contains a removable dispenser, and each month you pop in a new bacteria pack and then place it into your koi pond. Each pack lasts for 30 days, so after the time is up, you just add another pack. The AquaLily will treat koi ponds as large as 2,500 gallons.

With the AquaSpherePro, the dispenser is biodegradable and will dissolve as the month goes by. After 30 days, you just toss in another sphere and let it go to work. The sphere will consume excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as eliminating any unwanted excess organic matter. You just need to choose a sphere size or combination of multiple spheres to treat the amount of water contained inside your pond.

Bird baths are another fun feature for any yard and are perfect if you have a small space but want that garden ambiance. Healthy Ponds has created a safe, easy bird bath cleaner that will treat up to 7 gallons of water. Each dispenser contains enough helpful bacteria to keep water clean for a month. Before the first use, empty and thoroughly rinse your bird bath and fill it will clean water. Be sure to avoid cleaning the bird bath with any chemicals or soaps as the residue can be harmful to animals.

If you have a large fountain and are having trouble with excessive amounts of organic build-up, using a product like Blast can help. This safe formula will keep up to 2,500 gallons clean. For smaller fountains, Healthy Ponds has created a 25-gallon capacity Fountain Water Cleaner. The cleaner, like the others listed above, will work for 30 days before you have to add a new cleaner. All of the products listed in this article have been approved by veterinarians and are safe for all animals and people.

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