Easy Ways To Go Green With Your Yard

If you were hoping to live a more eco-friendly life but still want a beautiful yard, you don’t necessarily need to turn your yard into a giant rock garden filled with cacti. There are plenty of ways to use less water and stay eco-friendly and still enjoy a bit of greenery.

When you plan out your yard, consider using native plants. These plants are already acclimated to the soil and amount of rainfall typical for your area. There are plenty of beautiful choices no matter where you live, including trees, ground-cover and shrubbery. Visit a nursery that specializes in selling the native plants in your area, and you will probably be surprised by the choices.

If you do have grass and green shrubbery or ground coverings, be sure that you water the correct amount. Many people simply water too often or for too long. Get a water moisture meter and check out your soil to see if you are overdoing it. Also, when you plan out your lawn, consider limiting the amount of grass. Smaller areas of grass obviously cost less to water and maintain but still provide that splash of green you might be craving. If you live in a high-drought, desert area but you really want a huge patch of green grass, think about putting in a synthetic lawn. Synthetic lawns have come a long way in recent years, and they don’t resemble miniature golf courses like they did in the past.

A rain barrel is another great idea to help you conserve water. Did you know that for every inch of water that hits your roof, a rain barrel can gather more than 500 gallons of water? That water can be used to water your lawn and garden and even houseplants in lieu of using water from the tap. This not only conserves treated water that we use for drinking, cooking and cleaning, but also will lower your overall water bill.

Simply place the barrels under downspouts, and when it rains, water will just flow right in. It is wise to place a barrel next to a spout near where you want to water, such as near flower beds or right next to your garden. This will make it easier for you to transport water instead of lugging it all the way across your yard. You also need to ensure that the water stays as fresh as possible, as highly stagnant water is a health hazard. There are easy ways to do this, such as using a product like the Rain Barrel Water Cleaner created by Healthy Ponds. This product uses absolutely no chemicals and instead contains natural bacteria which work to break down and remove excess sludge and organic matter in the barrel. The product has been approved as safe for animals by veterinarian and also will not harm humans.

There are other Healthy Ponds products for use in lakes, ponds and smaller water features such as a bird baths or fountains. These products offer a great green alternative to harsh cleaners and chemicals.

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