Facts About Land Clearing Arlington TX

Clearing of land is done in places where development is planned as well as those designated for plantations and grazing purposes. It involves removing bushes, trees and other woody plants from pieces of land. The purpose for which the terrain is meant is an important consideration when selecting type of removal and amount of vegetation that needs to be removed. When considering land clearing Arlington TX residents have a number of reasons for doing so.

Among the biggest reasons for vegetation clearing is for making room for residential buildings or commercial building pads. For this to be possible there should be removal of the majority of woody plants. There are instances when some trees are left to add aesthetic value to the location in question. There are city and local codes that restrict the amount of impervious cover, which is why green belts are becoming very common. The green belts have native trees and shrubs.

Removing brush is mostly done to enable growing of grass. Animals such as cattle and sheep feed on grass than any other forms of vegetation. When grass grows with woody plants, they will compete for space, light, water and nutrients. This explains why wooded pastures grow a minimal amount of grass than those that are cleared. Provision of shade for animals is ensured by leaving groves of trees during clearing.

There also are a good number of people that clear fields for purposes of growing crops. Growing crops and other plants will lead to competition for nutrients. The clearing should however be done in such a way that wind and water erosion are prevented. Control of water erosion is achieved through terracing of sloping land. Planting trees in open fields will ensure there is no wind erosion. Trees act as effective windbreakers.

When there is dense brush around the home, there are many problems that are bound to arise. These will harbor rodents and snakes, bringing them closer to the home. When such brush is dry and dormant, it becomes a serious fire hazard. Cases of wildfires that have caused homes to go up in flames are common. In cases where grass is present in areas around homes that have been cleared, it should be kept short so that it is less susceptible to snakes, rodents, ticks and fires.

Rise of greenhouse gases is one of the serious effects of getting rid of vegetation. Trees store carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Deforestation is the cause of between 15 and 30 percent of greenhouse gases emitted. Because forests absorb roughly 3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, cutting them down makes carbon to get dumped back into the atmosphere.

When vegetation is being cleared, measures should be taken not to interfere with other aspects of the environment. Fencing should be installed if need be. In addition, it always is very important to observe noise ordinances because neighbors may complain if this is not observed.

When doing land clearing Arlington TX residents should therefore consider all the necessary factors. The exercise has many benefits and shortcomings as well. Land owners should always have valid reasons for carrying out the activity.

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