Fall Cleanup And Lawn Care

Maintaining your garden can ensure beautiful lush results through the changes in season for an attractive and appealing result. Fall cleanup and lawn care serve as an essential part of keeping the grass green, preventing weed overgrowth, and protecting the roots against the frost and cold conditions in winter. The following tips can help you prepare the turf for the cooler temperatures.

In summer, the grass is usually trimmed at a longer length to protect against the intensity of the heat, but a drop in temperature calls for a shorter cut. The mower should be adjusted to trim the grass to about 2 inches in overall length. It is important to get the height right because it allows for the protection of root systems and will prevent the turf from growing too fast and becoming caught under falling leaves and snow.

The cooler weather is the best time to use seeds on areas that may have become thinned or patchy during the summer season. The selection of seeds must be based on hardy types that are able to grow and develop roots systems through the winter. If there has not been a great deal of rain in the fall be sure to continue to water the area for maximum growth.

While many homeowners do fail to water on a regular basis through the autumn months, it is important to maintain moisture levels for optimum grass growth. Where there is an insufficient amount of rain, the lawns need to be watered on a bi-weekly basis. Do not water the garden in the late morning or afternoon as most of the moisture will evaporate.

It is during this time of the year that the use of a fertilizer is most applicable and compatible with particular types of turf. The correct choice of product will be necessary to facilitate a healthy and lush form of growth and the development of deeper root systems. A professional in the industry can determine which of these fertilizers proves best for use in your garden.

A fair amount of time should be implemented to control weed growth that may be affecting the overall condition of the turf. There are many methods that can be applied to eliminate weed growth including the use of tools and a herbicide. If you are going to choose a chemical spray ensure that it is compatible with the type of lawn that you possess.

During the maintenance plan, check as to whether the grass has developed a thickened amount of soil and debris that occurs with excess fertilizer and watering in summer. These solid blocks are referred to as thatch and requires the use of machines to lift the debris to be raked away. It can be a time consuming process and you may want to call on a professional garden service for such purposes.

Applying maintenance through the autumn can prove most beneficial for all homeowners. It aids in developing a lush and green lawn that is protected against the ice and extreme cold that would otherwise destroy the roots. Investing in a beautiful garden can aid in achieving beautiful results that will last against changes in temperature.

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