Find Mini Crape Myrtle For Sale

Many landscape designers often use large myrtle trees, thanks to their decorative appearance. Some varieties are more than thirty feet tall, some are smaller, but all have the same decorative purpose. Of course, some gardens are simply too small for a tree of such size, but there are also smaller trees, and equally decorative shrubs. Lately, it became very popular to find at least one mini crape myrtle for sale and place it in a garden, or even on a terrace.

Also known as Lagerstroemia Indica, this plant can reach maybe thirty feet in height. Minis are usually under three feet, and look more like shrubs, often with weeping characteristics. Flowers can be white, pink or red, in all nuances and combinations of these colors. The bark can also look very attractive, smooth and interestingly colored, and leaves may have quite appealing nuances in fall.

Myrtles enjoy sun, and should be placed on full sun only. If you place them in a shade, their blooming will be delayed, and their flowers simply won’t be so large and luxurious. These plants are highly sensitive to low temperatures, and they won’t survive harsh winters. Dwarf and miniature varieties are usually more resistant to cold, but they can also be adequately protected, or simply placed inside during cold months.

Minis are often used as container plants, or as accent shrubs. They look great planted along your entryway. Some have especially interesting barks, and look quite nice even without leaves and flowers. Make sure to check all the characteristics of your selected plant before buying it. One thing you can be sure of, these lovely plants will certainly bring plenty of color to your garden.

Air circulation saves your plant from powdery mildew, for example. Your plants can be attacked by white flies or aphids, but they are generally quite resistant to different health issues. In any case, choose wisely, according to your specific climate conditions. Protect your myrtle from extensive heat, but give it enough sun and air. If it gets too cold, bring it inside.

Myrtle should be pruned in late winter. The intensity of each pruning depends on specific landscape use. Minis aren’t so cold hardy as other varieties, and most of them have weeping growth habit. They are especially popular as patio container plants for decorative display, and look great on any terrace, or even a balcony. The bark is very interesting even during winter months.

Although there are numerous minis today, some are more popular than others. For example, Delta Blush is highly popular for some time now, thanks to its beautiful pink flowers and weeping characteristics. Another very similar variety, called Weeping Alamo Fire attract attention with abundance of intensively colored red flowers. It blooms usually in the mid summer.

Another interesting mini is called Pocomoke. It has especially broad, full growth habit and intense pink flowers that bloom in the late summer. This variety is mainly used as a potted plant, but it works great as a garden plant as well. Chickasaw is one of the smallest myrtles you will find. It reaches only one to two feet in height, but has very tight growth habit and lovely pink flowers. Compared to other varieties, this one has very good cold resistance.

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