Gardening at Your New Home

Gardening At Your New Merit HomePlanting and Gardening at your new home can seem like a daunting task but with a little planning you can make it easy.  No doubt the outside beauty of your home helps the overall value and makes for a more enjoyable living space. Merit Homes encourages you to jump in and enjoy this rewarding hobby while increasing the value of your home and it’s beauty.  Gardening at your new home is a rewarding hobby, and getting started in the spring requires a little planning for the best success. Deciding on the area and the variety of plants is one of the first considerations. There are plenty of vegetables, herbs and flowers that will thrive in any area and require little care to perform their best.

Organic Gardening Techniques
This style of growing plants relies on the use of natural fertilizers. Gardeners do not use any chemicals on their plants, and this provides produce that is incredibly tasty and good for you. There is an easy way to grow organic vegetables and flowers at home. Raised beds are simple to build and can be filled with a quality organic soil or compost. They should be installed in sunny areas so that the plants get as much direct light as possible. Light is essential for plant growth, and most flowers and vegetables will grow faster when they are in full sun for the better part of the day.

Growing Flowers
Adding some color to the landscape is one benefit that flowers offer. The styles are variable, and using several different varieties in a window box is one idea. These boxes are ideal because they attach directly to the window. They can be filled with a quality potting soil. Petunias, geraniums, marigolds and impatiens are a few flowers that thrive in a container and are perfect for windows. Growing flowers from bulbs is another way to add color and fragrance to the landscape. Several varieties are grown this way, and they come back each spring. Hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths are a few of the more popular flowers that grow from bulbs.

Herbs For The Kitchen And Yard
Fresh herbs are easy to grow and are a great choice for a chef. Oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary are a few of the common kitchen herbs that will thrive in the garden. Herbs are generally more flavorful when they are flowering, and this makes it best to grow them at home. Most herbs can easily be dried for storage and will provide plenty of seasoning for the meals. Herbs can be grown outdoor or in containers and will thrive in both settings. Some herbs, like rosemary, should be brought inside during the winter, but they will continue to grow for several years.

Enjoying the great outdoors with a beautiful landscape at Merit Homes your landscaping is an extension of the beauty of your home.  Here are two quick tips that might help. Getting started in the spring requires a little planning for success. Consulting the local extension agent, the King County Extension is always there to help, is one way for gardeners to find out the plants the plants that thrive in their particular micro-climate. Flowers, vegetables and herbs are easy to grow at home and provide flavor to the kitchen, color to the yard and tasty produce to eat. Organic gardening is more popular than ever and relies on natural methods and no pesticides. This method of growing is easy to do with raised beds. It is the perfect way to grow vegetables or flowers.


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