Great Advice For Window Cleaning

When it comes to purification and sanitizing your home, there are a few things you need to know. A lot of people want to know all of the facts and other information they can about window cleaning to make it easier to do. Cleaning and organizing is not always fun, but this is a task that must be done at least once every week.

If money matters are an issue, you can make your own solution to clean your windows. Instead of spending countless dollars on cleansing chemicals, make your own solution to your liking, and clean the way you want. To mix the perfect solution, you will need to purchase dish washing liquid, rubbing alcohol, and ammonia. You do not want to mix too much of each solution because the solution may become to strong. Only use a little bit of each solution mixed with water to clean your windows.

Anyone who has been faced with cleaning windows knows about the terrible streaks that can be left behind. One trick to getting rid of these streaks is using newspaper. When you use newspaper, you no longer have to worry about streaked windows or mirrors because of the paper that newspapers are made from.

If you love coffee, you will be glad you have filters handy. Coffee filters are great to use to polish a window, and they can also be used on mirrors. The blurry and fuzzy film that is usually left behind by other cleaning materials is a thing of the past. Coffee filters get the job done right the first time.

If your window is clean, but you notice that you have fingerprints on your window, there is a great remedy you can use. Instead of cleaning the entire window, use an erase to gently rub away the fingerprints. There will not be any scratches or smudges left behind. If you would like, you can use a combination of a coffee filter and an eraser to get a crystal clear shine.

To avoid having a terrible time cleaning your windows and mirrors, tell everyone to keep their hands off. Some people put their hands on mirrors and windows, and do not realize they are doing it because it is a habit. You can put a film on your windows and mirrors that acts as a screen protector so you can rest easier about people touching your windows and mirrors.

If you have the energy, you can keep this job from getting out of hand by washing your mirrors and other items on a daily basis. Cleaning on a daily basis minimizes dirt and keeps the home clean. Cleaning daily cuts down on the dust and allergens that are found in the air.

Here are a few simple ways that you can clean the windows and mirrors in your home without being overwhelmed. You can mix and match these techniques to create a routine that works best for you.

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