Grooming Tips On Golf Green Artificial Turf

Artificial lawn grass is a heavy investment and thus requires utmost care and maintenance if you want to keep it at the best condition possible. This fake grass is low maintenance but low maintenance does not mean none at all. You often need to check your lawn especially during tough seasons. Generally you require keeping your lawn free from organic materials, debris, dust and dirt. For maximal performance on a golf course, you need this fake turf to feel just like natural grass and this can only be achieved through proper maintenance. The golf green artificial turf maintenance practices are several.

Organic materials left on the grass may cause serious havoc on the golf coarse. Such materials which include animal feces decompose and create a breeding place for weeds and some bugs. Many of these materials will rot and create a mess on your grass. You therefore need to clean this with a rake, brush and leaf blower.

Other debris and materials that will also be a challenge on your golf course include; tree and bird droppings, leaves, dust, pollen from flowering plants and fruits among many others. This increases the amount of materials that you need to clean up. If possible, you should relocate these trees, flowers, bushes and all other plants that shed much material.

However, this is not a realistic option as you need the trees and bushes for beautification of the course. Here comes the option of grooming the grass manually by removing the materials by hand or rakes and then rinsing the turf with water. This helps dilute sugar remains and decay materials. Saturate the field with water by allowing water to drain and flow through the grass. Never use power washer for this.

In some cases weeds can grow in the synthetic grass. You may be able to prevent this a little during the installation. Use a weed membrane which is laid below the turf and prevents seeds that fall on the ground from germinating. For weeds that succeed to germinate and infect the lawn, there are several ways you can use to eradicate them.

Get that pre and post emergent spray herbicide that your manufacturer recommends. The weed seeds will be eliminated before or even after germination. Avoid the use of toxic and bleach products for spraying on your lawn. These products are discouraged as they create an unfriendly environment for the golf players while on the course. This may also make your manufacturer deny you warranty.

Be keen to always rinse the grass to ensure that these treatments dilute and go through to the soil base. This will ensure they are well spread out and into the depth of the grass. Sanitizing the area is also essential especially if the field is defecated on often. Use of enzymes is recommended as these are safe for use on synthetic fibers.

For maximal efficiency and effective delivery of service by your golf turf, ensure key maintenance services are carried out. Hire a professional expert to inspect the field monthly or semi annually. This will ensure your investment is well nurtured for long term service.

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