How Lawn Maintenance In Attica IN Is Done

Lawn maintenance can be a tough job, but the results of well-maintained lawns are very attractive. In the first place, well-maintained lawns can raise market value of a property and beautify a home so much. Attaining a healthy lawn starts immediately after planting. Lawn maintenance in Attica IN is done by professionals hence clients do not need to worry about the quality of work.

Maintenance includes several activities including watering, mowing, weeding, pest control, fertilizing, aerating, fighting diseases, and de-thatching. Watering normally comes first in most cases although it is not compulsory. Watering should only be done when the grass really needs water and should be heavy. Light frequent watering is not good for most grasses. Most grasses can also go for months without needing water.

Heavy watering ensures that water reaches deep to the roots allowing the root system to grow deep and extensive. Maintenance recommendations require that irrigation water should soak at least 20 cm of soil depending on the soil type. Soil types and climate are determining factors that should be considered when watering. Watering in the evening or morning ensures that little water evaporates hence helping to save on water.

The workload of roots is reduced when the lawn is mowed. Mowing reduces foliage hence cutting down on water and nutrient requirements. Grass plant expands when frequent mowing is done. This encourages the plant to grow more thickly and heavily to be able to resist weeds and diseases. Mowing needs to be performed in growing seasons. To avoid tempering with the health and growth, not more than a third of the leaves should be cut during mowing.

Mowing height needs to be varied depending on the season. For instance, height in cold seasons should be higher compared to hot seasons. In addition, the pattern of mowing must be alternated throughout the whole year. Changing the pattern means that the direction of mowing must be varied between east-west and north-south with every mowing session. The blades in the mower must be kept sharp to ensure a clean cut.

Occasionally the nutrients supplied by soil need to be supplemented by fertilizer. Frequent mowing encourages uptake of nutrients. Sometimes the uptake is too high for the soil to maintain hence fertilizers become handy. Spreading commercial granular fertilizer that acts slowly once or twice in a year is most encouraged. Granular fertilizer provides nutrients for several months as opposed to water soluble products that only act on the leaves. Natural fertilizers are also a good choice.

Foot traffic and frequent mowing can cause the soil to get compacted. Too much compaction in the soil prevents oxygen from reaching microbes that help in breaking down organic matter that enrich soil. The compacted soil can be opened up by aerating it once in a while. Manual and power-core aerators may be used to achieve this better.

The right amount of thatch helps in preserving moisture . However, too much thatch prevents oxygen and water from getting to the roots. Because of that, thatch should not be allowed to grow beyond 6 mm in thickness.

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