How To Make Window Washing Much Easier

In order to fully enjoy your stay at home, it is appropriate that the environment is appealing. This however largely depends how clean your home is. While the general cleaning may not be as hard, some specialized cleaning is necessary for some parts of the home. Window washing is one area that requires cleaning program that is not just ordinary; particularly that it is not a matter of everyday activity.

Normally, there are three alternatives that you can explore to have sparkling clean windows. These are to seek the services of professional cleaners which translate to extra expense, to choose the innovative self cleaning glasses which may not work with low budget or to clean them yourself. The third option is the most practical particularly if your home has just a few windows.

The tricks of having success in this activity are to have the right tools and the right skills to do it. The tools should be good enough to clear any stain and marks no matter how hard it may be.

The basic tools are those that come with the washing bucket. These are readily available in large hardware stores or even from merchandisers dealing online. Cleaning supplies is a good search keyword if you choose the online method. Your duty is to have the top quality tools.

Whatever your options are, just make sure to have a bucket, a good quality squeegee, detergent, a mop, a micro-fiber cleaner if possible and a scraper. Depending on how high they are located, you can also consider other tools like a ladder, poles and the tool belt. You should also include old towel for washing the frames.

With the basic tools among the listed ones, you are good to go. The first step is to fill the bucket to almost half with cold water and add detergent to wet mop or directly to water. This is followed by a thorough rubbing of the mob on the glass panel to lift all dirt and use a scrapper to scrape off any stubborn marks from the window. It is always advisable to focus on passing blade forward and not backwards to avoid cementing or dragging dirt or causing scratches.

Once this is complete, the squeegee is used to clear off the water. This should start from one end, and if possible a corner to corner to avoid leaving any water mark behind. You should also make sure to hold it at an angle to allow water run down the glass. In order to clear off any water mark off the glass, some micro-fiber towel will prove very effective, particularly when used dry. While the ordinary towel is good to wipe the frames, the micro-fiber one should not be used for the same to avoid making them dirty too fast.

The micro-fiber wiper can do the final wiping to achieve sparkling surface. The frames are then wiped with a towel and you will be ready to go. In the whole window washing process, it is important to use very clean water and in plenty. You can use the ladder and other tools if the distance requires climbing.

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