How To Set A Gopher Trap To Reduce The Pest Nuisance

Gophers are rodent like creatures that lives underground. They can be confused with moles since they both dig underneath the ground. However, they can be differentiated in terms of the family they are in. Additionally, these rodents have pouches on the side of their mouth which they use to carry food. Gophers are just as irritating as the moles. They are destructive creatures and if not controlled can give yard owners a stunning surprise in a once beautiful made gardens. Therefore, strategies should be put in place to get rid of these rodents. Lawn owners should seek assistance from specialist who is well vast on how to set a gopher trap. This is to ensure the trap is put in the right way for it to be effective.

These rodents mostly live in burrows. They spend their time digging underground making tunnels and searching for food. Such networks of tunnels are referred to as gopher towns. They have flat heads with tiny eyes and ears. They prefer areas with moist and smooth textured soil where they can easily dig their way underground. They can eat just about anything ranging from grass, leaves, nut and any small insects. However, they mostly like vegetables as their diet.

Tracking the presence of the rodents can be tricky. Presence of a heap of dirt is a sign of their existence. It does not necessarily have to be a heap to know they are present since the way in which the rodents get rid of their dirt is the least of their problem. Home owners may confuse a hole made by a mole and the rodent therefore when locating a tunnel, skilled personnel should be present. Additionally, the creatures are known to block their holes with dirt after feeding.

Several methods can be used to trap gophers including:

Utilization of toxins. For instance, making use of strychnine. After use, one ought to purify their hands. Also, if the rodent gets harmed and passes on, it ought not to be left for different creatures to eat it as it will result to their demise too.

Flooding their tunnels. Using a hose, one can pour water inside the channels until the creature pop out. A person should be ready to kill the gophers immediately as they run out of their holes for safety.

Using gopher traps. These snares can be purchased at any stores and are quite expensive but effective. When installing the snare several steps should be followed:First, one should have a shovel, gloves, purchased traps, wire to ensure the snares remain in their position and a plastic to cover hole and block light. Secondly, look for fresh and moist mounds as a sign for active channel and recent rodent activity. Thirdly, locate the tunnel. Sometimes the dirt might be seen at the surface but with no tunnel present. Therefore, one should be careful to locate the tunnels which will lead them to the main channel.

Fourthly, is digging a wide hole to expose the burrow. Fifth step is to place the snare in a way that the gopher would not be able to step aside to it. Gloves should be worn to prevent the detection of the human scent by the creature. The traps should be placed in several channels to make sure the rodent is captured. After setting the trap, one should wait till the creature is captured and killed.

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