How To Start A Norwalk CT Lawn Care Business

The best kept secret of achieving a great looking yard throughout is having the right tools for the job. Coupled with consistent Norwalk CT lawn care, there is no way you can go wrong. With these two trade secrets under your belt, keeping your yard healthy will become a very rewarding and affordable exercise. Maybe you are new in the addictive yard maintenance practice and do not know what tools you need. Here are a few to start you off.

Obviously the first item on the list is a good yard mower. Cutting your grass regularly and maintaining a certain length ensures that your grass keeps growing. Regular cutting removes the old grass leaves giving way for fresh grass and avoid you having brown patches at the base. You can get either a reel or a rotary mower for the job. A rotary mower gives you the option of either bagging your clippings or having them dispersed out to the area that is being worked on. Whichever you choose it is advisable to keep your clippings and use them as manure

yard work can be strenuous and a good handcart is necessary to ease the load. A hand cart also known as a wheel barrow should remain clean and well-greased throughout. It comes in handy in maintenance for moving items such as bags of pesticide, fertilizer, seeds and waste about the front yard.

A rake is also highly important and is considered an everyday yard care tool. Used to remove leaves and small debris from the yard, it keeps it looking clean. It is an easy yet green method of keeping the place green. Ensure you stock up on several of these.

When mowing your garden using a mower, you need mow the edges of the yard with care to avoid destroying anything planted on the side. Leave a small distance not mowed and cut this grass using a a pair of shears. These shears are also used to trim and prune the flower garden. No yard looks beautiful without a few flowers surrounding it.

A healthy yard requires you to keep pests out. You will need a good spreader for this task. A push type spreader or any other is used to distribute pesticides and apply fertilizer as well. Spreaders can be quite pricey but not to worry as they are along term investment and most will last well over 6 years.

Liquid pesticide requires a comfortable easy to use back sprayer. Simple ones used for your yard go up to 5 gallon capacity sprayers. Sprayers are with electricity or gasoline powered. The latter are more common and easier to use.

An aerator cannot be left out of this list. Yard maintenance requires taking care of the soil as well and an aerator is used to poke holes in the soil allowing it to breathe and feed. You can acquire a manual or a motorized aerator though the former is advisable for a modest yard.

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