How To Store Garlic And How To Keep It Fresh

When we speak on vegetables, we already know the harvesting season exists. But as this season is going to end soon, we definitely know the number of such vegetables will also low down. There are people who greatly use these vegetables and are always in need of a good number so that they can continue their specific business processes.

A very common vegetable most of us use in our kitchen is the one and only garlic. There are some that we may use in all the meals we have to cook. But when their season soon ends, it will be good for you to start storing slowly so you still have something to use when the next harvesting comes. Because of these, below are tips on how to store garlic and how to keep it fresh.

You should always remember the correct ways of selecting the garlic you will use. First, look at its bulbs. Dont buy the ones that shows damaged, soft, or is still sprouting parts. You truly need those undamaged ones because you may use all of it for long term purposes.

The very common ways of keeping these vegetables is by putting them in your mesh bags or to those loose woven baskets that you got. These are the containers that we usually see when we visit the marketplace. The both of them could help all the garlics breathe to stay good until a day would come that you will be using all of it. Some of this vegetable got flexible tops and you could use it to braid them all together then hang in your favorite place inside the kitchen.

It is even possible to be stored in your fridge. Place them specifically in the crisp drawer. That very drawer could really help keep off the humidity from destroying your stored vegetable. But take note, only take it and place it in room temperature if you dont like it to be sprouting after quite some time.

You can even place those in the freezer. But most people would think that frozen garlics are never going to be great like the fresh ones. But you could always do some preparations to make it stay fresh on the day that you will use it. Mince the peeled cloves in a blender and freeze it over ice cube trays or silicone sheets. As it froze, move it to an airtight container.

You can even make dehydrated garlic. The process is easy. Slice the garlic thinly and pop them inside your food dehydrator. If you got no dehydrator, you may use your oven with the door kept ajar. A 115 degree temperature is going to be perfect for the dehydration. When it becomes crisp, move it again to any airtight container under room temperature. You can assure to make it stay fresh after several months.

You could even simply roast it. This is what most users do in keeping their garlic. It is because it is still okay if you freeze it after you did the roasting. It will be great to use the longest time you may think. Also, roasting it is what we commonly do when we cook our meals.

There are so many other ways in keeping this vegetable fresh and good. The things mentioned are the most common ones used worldwide. Follow these tips and you will surely enjoy your vegetable in the long run.

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