Infographic: A Guide to Raise the Value of Your Home

When it comes to investing in your house, no magic trick is needed. You just have to improve it to raise its value. Sounds easy, but you should be aware of the best options out there in order to avoid common mistakes. In this nice infographic you have a clear picture of the most profitable house improvement jobs, the ones that can literally double (or maybe, add a nice +20%) to the value of the place where you live.

There are so many ways to do it, but we can sum up everything in two simple words: renovations and extensions. Why renovation? It is obvious that something has a higher value if it’s new and fresh. Extensions, on the other hand, add space and functions to your house. It is clear from this little guide that if we had to choose the best option, it would be loft conversions. In a moment in which property prices are so high, a loft conversion creates a new room out of nowhere: you can rent it or use it as a bathroom, playroom, home theatre and so on.

What will you do to increase the value of your house?

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Raise Home Value

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