Information On Lawn Care Practices

It is very important to make sure that lawn management is done as often as possible. When it comes to proper lawn care practices, there are three main categories that are looked at. The first category will usually take care of issues related to mowing. Mowing must be done as often as possible and the blades used in the exercise should be sharp at all times.

Ensure you do not mow too low as this may have a negative effect on yards. Yards that are trimmed at very low levels will usually respond by growing very fast. When this type of response is received, it will mean that grass has to be mowed again and again.

Wet yards cannot be mowed. When the yard is wet, it will usually mean that soil is easily compacted. Using a mower on the lawn will therefore make the soil more compacted. Compacted soil means that aeration will be very poor. Roots will also be unable to gain access to water and nutrients.

Mulching is a very good idea. When mulching, you reduce the number of trips that you would have had to make to and from the dumpster. Another benefit that comes with mulching is that the clippings can be used to fertilize soil.

Irrigation is the second category that must also be addressed. When applying water, ensure you do not apply too much water as this may stimulate faster growth than may be necessary. When too much water is applied, it becomes important to mow grass more frequently.

Night time watering should be avoided at all costs. When watered at night, it means that yards become saturated with too much moisture. This will then invite diseases in to the place. Watering should be done a few hours before dawn or very early in the morning.

Yards require nutrients in order for them to thrive. These nutrients can be brought in through the application of fertilizers. Fertilizer application is an important task that must be done to ensure that yards get to thrive. Ensure the correct amounts are applied at all times.

Home owners should ensure they only use on type of fertilizer. If you choose to use synthetic, ensure you do not mix it with the natural kind. Both of these will have very different types of nutrients. Each season will also require a different type of fertilizer to be used.

Pest control is the third category that must be taken care of. When it comes to pest control, ensure you maintain a very thick turf. Thick turfs are ideal in that they can be used to take care of weeds and pests. They also help eliminate the emergence of pests.

Herbicides are very important when it comes to pest control. Just like fertilizers, it will be important to ensure you do not mix the herbicides when using them. Choose one herbicide and stick to it. Also, first check the type of weeds that are present before going ahead to settle on a herbicide for use on the lawn.

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