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The summer heat can take a huge toll on your yard especially if your yard maintenance tips fall short. Mowing too low, using less water or even using too much water will have an impact on your yard. When it comes to performing the right lawn care Sherwood AR property owners will need to make sure that they come up with a program that does not make the yard appear lackluster.

A proper adjustment of your mowing blade is important especially during summer. Grass must not be mowed too low. Leaving the grass at an appropriate height is important in that the remaining grass will be able to provide a cover for the soil.

Watering properly is important in order to maintain healthy grass. It will be important to check with the local water authorities on what the recommended irrigation schedule is. You could also research on how much water is needed by any type of lawn.

Bugs will usually use the mid season period to lay their eggs in grubs. If not treated, the eggs will hatch in to bugs later on in the season. This means that there would be a large influx of bugs on your property.

A family dog can create dead spots in any yard if proper precautions are not taken. Frequent urination at one spot will cause the grass to start dying. If such signs are noted, flush the area with lots of water so as to dilute the urine. If possible, train the dog to only urinate at one spot which could then be mulched.

Activities such as parking and driving on grass could also have a negative impact on existing grass cover. Always ensure you do not park near a grass cover or even drive on this turf. During periods when there is too much heat being experienced, be sure to limit the amount of traffic that will be experienced on your turf.

Ensure that your mower blade is properly sharpened. A dull mower blade will tear the grass. It may also leave behind ragged and brown edges that may create an opening for all types of diseases. A second blade could also be purchased.

If mowing is done at an appropriate height using a very sharp blade, you will not need to collect the grass clippings that are produced. All the resulting clippings can be left to lie around. This is an activity referred to as grass cycling. It is highly recommended by the experts.

Warm season grass should be fertilized. The warm season turf will usually grow over the summer season and will require lots of nutrients for it to remain healthy. Be sure to learn of the right fertilizer application schedules. Too much fertilizer may be harmful to the grass.

Ensure you take care of all weeds as and when they begin to appear. Each season will have its own set of weeds and it will be important for the property owner to make certain that he finds the right type of herbicide. Different herbicides will need to be used with different weeds.

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