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It is possible to get and maintain a good looking yard with as little effort as possible. When it comes to lawn maintenance Edmonton house owners will need to identify the various types of grass that are available. This also includes being able to learn the best types of fertilizers available in the market and how they can be differentiated from the rest.

Fertilizer application should always be controlled. It has to be applied only when needed. Applying it all the time will usually see grass begin to grow at a very fast rate. Grass that grows very fast is also easily susceptible to drought.

Set your lawn mower to mow at the highest setting available in the machine. Mowing high guarantees that grass is not cut too close to the ground. Tall grass is vital in that it ensures the soil is kept cool at all times. This is because moisture is locked in to the ground.

Take time when choosing the herbicides and pesticides to apply to your soil. Too much herbicides will end up hurting or killing the living organisms. Living organisms are important as they are there to help aerate the soil. Soil aeration is important as it helps the roots get access to all the necessary minerals.

Individuals must ensure they follow the correct and recommended watering criteria. There is a science behind the application of water in any yard. When water is applied on a frequent basis, it makes it impossible for roots to grow deep. Shallow roots are not good at all.

Fertilizer application should only be done during certain periods. When purchasing your fertilizer, ensure the fertilizer does not have too much nitrogen. Nitrogen encourages grass to grow faster. When it grows fast, it tends to become weak. Weak grass is vulnerable to various types of diseases and will also be hard hit during the drought seasons.

For a yard owner, he will always want to go for what is best for his yard. Therefore he should make sure that he uses the organic kind organic fertilizers have a very small amount of chemicals in them. Chemicals are usually very hard on the soil microbes.

Individuals should also ensure that lime is applied at least once a year. When liming, one will need to make sure that lime is applied thinly throughout the entire yard perimeter. Lime has been known to counteract the harmful effects that may be brought about by acid rain.

It is important to properly sharpen your blades before you can begin mowing. Take time to ensure they are sharp. Blades must also be sharpened after every ten hours of mowing. This will make it possible for grass to be cut well without shredding the edges which often leads to browning of grass.

It may also be important to consider hiring a professional maintenance company to take care of your yard for you. The professionals may be better placed in testing the soil structure and checking for any problems that could be present. They will then find ways to rectify the damage that has occurred.

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