Interesting Facts To Learn About Paulownia Elongata

A lot of people nowadays are interested in planting various tree species in their backyard. One of the best tree species that can be planted in the backyard is the paulownia elongata. This is one of those trees that belong to the Paulowniaceae family, which is then a native tree species to various countries in Asia.

The said tree is distinct, especially when it comes to its leaves. The leaves are fairly known because of its very large leaves that also look pubescent. The said tree can withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions, from hot weather to cold ones. However, this tree cannot live when it is on higher altitudes.

To those individuals who are fairly interested in having this tree in their area, they should pay attention to its scientific classifications. Just like with any other plants, this tree belongs to the kingdom of Plantae, close to asterids, angiosperms, and eudicots. The order to which it belongs is Lamiales and family is Paulowniaceae.

This species of tree is also known for its various uses. For example, it is cultivated a lot because it can be used as an ornamental tree. It has a purpose of beautifying an area. This is the reason why it is used in gardens and parks too. Many gardeners or landscapers will make use of this species of tree because of its purple flowers and shade tolerance.

Another use for this tree species is for biofuel. As soon as this tree species that one has planted grows properly, it can serve as a feedstock for the biofuel production. It has been proven to produce a large quantity of biomass on a yearly basis. This is basically why this tree species has been chosen to be used for biofuel feedstock.

The uses for this tree is not limited to ornamental or biofuel purposes. It is also a useful tree for those who are in need of lumber. When the said tree is used as forestry trees, then it is possible to get the kind of lumber that is strong yet light. Countries like North America and China are now steadily cultivating this tree for their own purpose.

To those countries which treat this tree species as a source of their lumber, there are many plantations out there cultivating this. The most prominent commercial plantations establish themselves from selected clones of this tree species. The clones that are being used at these plantations are often the result of micropropagation.

The said tree has been known to be a fast growing species for the hardwood trees. This means that it can grow to its harvestable size in a short period of time compared to other species. During the first year, it is possible for this tree to grow up to 15 feet. When it reaches its fifth to seventh year, it will reach its harvestable size.

People should already take advantage of this paulownia elongata. Without such trees, the person might end up having to depend on less suitable trees. If the person can cultivate this tree according to what one wants, then there is no need to run out of resource for one’s purpose in the future.

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