Is Your Home A Happy Home?

We all know that “home is where the heart is,” and where there’s “heart,” there’s happiness. You already knew this – who isn’t happy spending a relaxing night at home with family? But did you know that there is actual scientific evidence that suggests certain qualities in your home can really make you happy? Your surroundings can have a positive impact on your brain!

These amazing findings are explained in CNNMoney’s article Your home can make you happier. Apparently, scientists have conducted experiments to examine how constructed spaces affect our brains and bodies. The results are so compelling, they are used in something called “evidence-based design,” which is an approach that considers design elements and features to help positively impact the health, well-being and mood (among other things) of healthcare patients.

So, which qualities do you think make homeowners most happy? You might automatically think of lavish luxury, excess space and unneeded rooms, or enough garages to house that handful of classic cars you dream of.

But, according to the findings, happiness created by your home is–thankfully–really much simpler than that.

The article states, “Neither tons of space nor high-end furnishings are key to your home satisfaction. Much more important are things that may seem minor but that pack a big emotional wallop. “

So, what are the characteristics that pack this “big emotional wallop?” It’s simple enough–the things that make people happy in homeownership are the same things that make most of us happy in life: socialization, sunshine and even color (think of the calming yellow hue your childhood room was painted).

According to the article, “Maximizing full-spectrum light during the day and placing the main seating in the “power position” (ideally with a wall at your back) [to foster socialization]” are two such key elements. It’s amazing that socialization is such a key factor in happiness that the National Science Foundation’s General Social Survey found that above wealth, work, or health, it’s family relationships that make people happiest!

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