Just All About Landscape Design

Landscape design is known to be an art that has existed for about three hundred years already and is still very popular even up until today. This art came into the picture when rich homeowners had a big amount of space wherein they did not know what to do with it. Because of this, artists were brought in and decided to add a little bit of design so that the vacant space will look nice.

Architects who worked in this field played around with garden items like trees, plants, and grass designs. Naturally, they would add other things to the land like lamps or benches. Some homeowners would even add a swimming pool or a fountain just to attract some attention from the public.

It was only during the year of 1800 that the demand for landscape architects increased because of the increase in number of public parks. The government wanted these architects to make these public parks look nice because of the visitors. That is why eventually, this type of career line became rather popular among the creative people.

Of course as the years went by, more and more people have been going into this line of designing because of the rise in demand. Of course these days, having a vacant lot that would need designing is not only for the rich and famous people anymore. There are so many average homeowners who have their own gardens or yards that would need some sprucing up.

In fact, these days, becoming a landscape designer is very profitable if one is good at what he does because the demand is actually very big. Also, if one is a designer, he may dictate his own price depending on the scope of the project. One may make it as simple as he wants or as beautiful and fancy as he wants also depending on the wants of the customer.

Now one of the main concepts of designers in this field is simply balance. One of their main principles when it comes to designing is to simply balance the left and the right side of the area while keeping the dead center free from much decorations. This is the main principle that all designers would follow by because it is the one that will help them know how to make a nice landscape.

Of course as a part of this type of designing, the concepts of color and texture are also implemented when working on a project. Color means the color combination that one will be using when he adds some of the decorations to the area. The texture will refer to how the decorations would look like with regard to the detail.

Now probably the most important principle of landscape design that all designers would have to follow would be the big picture. A designer has to know how to look at the area as a whole and not just concentrate on this part or that part. He has to know how to visualize the land as a whole before going to the smaller details.

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