Keeping A Pond Clean: Facts About Different Types Of Algae

If your property features a large pond or a lake, careful maintenance is needed throughout the year, especially in the warmest months. Algae, particularly, can pose a serious threat to the health of your lake or pond. Here are some facts about pond algae and some natural pond treatment options.

Benefits brought about by algae to the ecosystem of the pond or lake comes in both positive and negative. If it exists in smaller amounts it can be useful as fish, insects and protozoa living in and around the water consume it. The problem arise when there is too much algae already because it can be a real nuisance as it reduces the oxygen level in the water causing difficulty of breathing for your fish to the point of even killing them.

Algae come in several different types but one of the most common in ponds and lakes is the filamentous algae. You will find it looking thin and stringy and it often begins to grow when nearing the end of winter and temperatures are most likely to rise during the early spring. Again, it should not concern you if there is but small amount of filamentous algae until it becomes larger then that should cause your alarm.

Planktonic algae are another common type of algae, one that can bloom quite fast during the hot months. Imagine the color of your pond’s water potentially changing within just a day or two of the start of its bloom – from clear to a complete green or brown which looks like mud. Again, when planktonic algae come with proper amount it can benefit zooplankton by becoming its food which consequently becomes fish food. Unfortunately it can be like the filamentous algae where its abundance can cause fish kills especially when it nears summer’s end and fall arrives just as this algae suddenly dies too.

Combating different types of algae can be effective with the use of a recommended natural product like AquaSpherePRO to treat water. While AquaSpherePRO keeps ponds clean, it does so without the use of any type of chemical. These biodegradable spheres are filled with naturally occurring bacteria that eat away at the excess organic material. In addition, this product is veterinarian-approved, and it is safe for fish and all wildlife.

Using this pond treatment product is extremely easy, as you simply toss the spheres into your water, and each sphere lasts for up to 30 days. You then simply toss in new spheres to continue keeping your pond clean. Treatment in some parts of the country may be recommended done throughout the year but in some regions about six to seven months of treatment is good enough in preventing algae bloom thus keeping water safe and clean for you.

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