Lawn Care Memphis Tips Every Homeowner Should Consider

Most homes today have lawns which help to improve their appearance. This wonderful addition is also useful in other places like the playing ground to prevent dust from rising when a game is going on and also stop soil erosion. Lawn care Memphis is done to keep these landscaping features in perfect condition all through the year. There are various ways a homeowner can maintain a green beautiful look of the grass every week without doing too much work.

Watering is the first most important thing. This is because at certain times of the year, grass can wither or even dry due to insufficient rain. The first major change that occurs when grass lacks water is that it changes color. In most cases, it turns from green to brown or even straw. If not attended to in good time, there are chances that such grass can be damaged beyond repair.

For the grass to absorb well, they need to be watered during the coolest time of the day using a sprinkler which reaches a large area. This has to be done at least once in a week but in more extreme hot climate, frequent checking of the soil is essential to be sure the ground is still wet. It is better to maintain healthy grass than to cure already dying ones.

For the grass to be healthy, it has to be fertilized. There are various types of fertilizer according to their composition which makes them to be used differently with regard to the season. Fertilizer rich in potash and phosphates is used during spring to maintain the green color. This season is dry and the grass can easily dehydrate leading to an unnatural color.

The homeowner should add fertilizer rich in nitrogen to prevent any unwanted change of color. During autumn plants start to flower and there is need to use fertilizer rich in phosphate and potash. This can be added with an insecticide to kill any worms available or prevent them.

The other important thing that every homeowner must do in order to keep the garden in good condition is to take care of weeds. This is because weeds pose a major threat to the grass, and if not removed, can make the yard unhealthy. In this regard, it is imperative to remove weeds in order to keep the grass in a healthy condition.

Mowing is very essential to maintain a neat organized lawn. Specialized tools like sharp blades are recommended for this work. It is important to use them in the right way to get good results. Frequent mowing when the grass reaches a certain height is sure to keep the garden fresh and very beautiful.

Proper care and maintenance of this type of grass should start immediately the seed is planted. When it comes to the right way of doing soil composition, seed spacing and ground preparation, one should seek the services and advice of professionals dealing with Lawn care Memphis area. Other procedures like raking and debris removal are some of the most important preparations when it comes to identifying the most suitable soil to plant the seeds.

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