Lawn Care Memphis: Watering Schedule

Spring is here and summer is not that far away. This implies that you should start considering the best schedule to water your grass. The best lawn care Memphis starts with deciding on a suitable fertilization schedule and mowing your lawn properly. By doing this, you will be promoting strong roots which makes for more efficient water absorption.

Most people are unsure as to the most appropriate time of day to water their grass. Gardening experts say that you should do your watering when your grass takes on a bluish color when you view it in direct sunlight. Another way to check is to see if your footprints remain in the grass once you have walked on it. If this happens, it shows that your grass is in need of water.

The most opportune time for watering is between 4 and 9 in the morning. At this time, the winds are normally not strong and the sun’s rays not too intense. When there are high winds and intense sun, the water evaporates quickly. If you choose to water in the evening or night, the water will not be absorbed very quickly. This could result in grass disease, pests or weeds because of the standing water.

The length of time you spend on watering your grass depends on the weather at the time. If rain is scarce, it will be best for you to give your lawn a good soaking a few times each week instead of several light watering. You should not keep the grass moist all the time. This will promote disease, low grass roots and pests may start doing damage to the grass.

The amount of water given is dependent on recent rains, but should be around one inch every week. This can be gained by two sessions of 30 minutes each, but it depends on the area that you intend covering. The use of a rain gauge will allow you to check the depth of your watering.

When you are facing a drought, your watering system will have to be amended. If there is intense heat and no rain, your lawn will become stressed. When this occurs, you should allow the grass to go into dormancy. There are certain types of grass that can survive in hot, dry weather.

The grass types do not die in heat like plants normally do, but enter dormancy and there is no longer a need to water or feed it. As soon as the rain returns and the temperatures start dropping, the grass will commence growing again and your lawn will be beautiful and healthy.

There are a few factors to consider during a drought. During this period, you should refrain from aerating, fertilizing or adding herbicide to your lawn. The grass should be kept at a higher height. Longer grass offers shade for the soil and prompts the roots to grow deeper. Grass clippings should be left on the lawn as it also offers shade which allows for the moisture to be retained for longer periods. When you plan your lawn watering schedule, you should add methods of aeration and weed control. This will ensure a healthy, lush lawn, irrespective of the season or the climate.

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