Learn More About The Services Offered By A Lawn Landscaper

A lawn is a part of land that is usually planted with grasses or some will rarely contain other plants. Lawns are normally maintained with short height and is mainly for aesthetic and recreational purposes. Generally a lawn landscaper will help you with managing the grass space.

Maintenance means keeping something in proper condition or an act of maintaining something. Maintenance therefore refers to the act of maintain grass or grass space to keep it short or to a desired size. Lawns are is an investment in a home compound, therefore keeping it well maintained and healthy gives the compound an aesthetic look.

Bad soil will not produce good looking grass; it is one of the most important element. Growing grass in healthy soil will ensure the grass gets the rich green color. Soil testing is important as it will advise on the amount of nutrients required; testing will show the amount of phosphorous, potassium and lime required. Soil should have adequate level of oxygen to grow grass effectively.

Compact soil is not also good for the growth of the lawns although it may not be a major problem. Compaction is caused by frequent foot traffic in the area and reduces water infiltration and deprives the plants sufficient oxygen. Turning soil over with a spade will help aerate and make it suitable for planting grass.

To maintain an attractive healthy grass space, fertility is important. The three main nutrients required: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen is meant to provide the green dark color, leave and blade growth and give a dense look to the grass. Phosphorous aids in plant maturity, good root and rhizome development. Potassium aids in overall development of the plant and promotes wear, drought tolerance and also keeps the grass during tough winter. It is important to do soil testing before adding nutrients to the grass; this will give you an idea on how much of each nutrient is required.

Spot the market gap; As much as you may have branded your business well and offer exceptionally good services, you will realize that there are several competitors. It is good to research on the market and identify where there is a gap in the maintenance services offered by other competitors, add something special to your business that has not been done by others. This will raise your profit margins and promote your business.

Too much water will cause thatch, washing away of fertilizer, increased grass diseases and other grass problems like bent grass. Infrequent thorough watering is good. Get advice from a landscaper on how best to maintain your grass space.

Good maintenance is therefore an investment whose process if done well gives a really beautiful and refreshing look of a landscape. A Lawn should always be attractive and healthy. It is important to get the right information from a lawn landscaper on how to take care of your lawn.

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