Learn The Essence Of Interior Decorating

Interior design should be more than just colors and textures. It should be about more than just making your place look like the latest and greatest trends and styles. If you dig down deep inside, interior design should be about you, who you are and your style as a person or a family. Your home decor should reflect your thoughts, dreams and your life. How much of yourself you put into your home decor is the question though.

Colors tell a lot about a person. Warm colors might say that you’re open and inviting. Bold colors might say that you like to have a good time and live life to the fullest. Cooler colors might say that you’re reserved and you keep to yourself. Working your favorite colors into your interior design might be difficult if you enjoy some of the more bold or bright colors.

Allowing your being and persona to bleed through into your home decor is what interior design is all about. Letting your visitors, friends and family know who you are as a person, what your interests are and what your life is all about should be a part of your design. If you have any hobbies or if you collect things such as sailboats or a certain kind of art, let that be seen in your home design. If you love to travel or hike, let those interests be a focal point of your decor. It might feel a little risky trying to work what you might think is mundane into your home decoration but you will find that these are the things that interest people the most when they arrive in your home. People want to know about you and they will give you an opportunity to talk about the things you love.

Many of us love books and secretly desire to have our own library complete with fine wood bookcases and our favorite volumes lining the walls. Try working this into a room design. You don’t have to have a room completely dedicated to being a library, if this is an issue. An unused corner of a den or living room could become your library. Some nice bookshelves complete with books that you have collected over the years might be pleasant. A comfy chair, an exquisite reading lamp and a small table to hold your latest book and a cup of tea is all that is necessary. Now you have a personal space that also tells your friends and family how important literature is to you.

Maybe you have traveled some and you have a favorite place that you have visited. Thoughts of this place always makes you feel good. Until you can return to that magical place, why not work some things that remind you of that trip into your interior design? A few photos or paintings or some local crafts from that part of the world could remind you of that time. Shopping for pieces that fit your need can bring you back to that place and remind you that you will return there one day. Expressing a mood or feeling that brings you joy is what interior design should do.

Let yourself be known through your home decor. Put yourself out there and think outside the box. Anybody can follow the latest trends and make their home look like a picture perfect postcard but it takes some thought and courage to go against the tide and let their inner being become a part of their interior design. It will feel more authentic and pleasant for you and as a result your guests and family will find that being in this space will make them feel closer to you. Interior design can be the ultimate expression and outward work of art that you create that people can become immersed in.

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