Learning The Organic Life And How To Plant And Grow Asparagus

People are now starting to plant again and produce their own because they are into to securing the food they are eat which is free from harmful chemicals and is a good way in saving money. Planting is a good way as a stress reliever since, it helps you to interact with nature that brings a positive aura in your home. It can also add color and design to your place.

We are into planting more organic food because we want to boost our body nutrients and we are conscious to our health as well. One of the best vegetable that we can possibly plant is the asparagus, because it provides a lot of healthy benefits. It is easy on how to plant and grow asparagus in your place by yourself.

Asparagus is known vegetable as a type similar to onions and garlic. The buds become harder when blooms so the shoots instead are the part commonly eaten by people. It is a good appetizer and side dish but there are still several ways that you can eat it and it varies to the tradition or country you are into.

It takes a lot patience because it usually takes 2 to 3 years for it to produce but it can be productive up to 20 to 30 years. Spring season is typically the perfect time for you to start planting an asparagus since the soil can be worked on. Remove all the weeds and start digging the beds for about 2 to 4 inch layer of manure and compost soil.

Just check and have a good water system and make 6 inch trench where it is 6 to 12 inches deep. Have a mound inside the trench and start putting the crowns, wherein they are apart of about 15 to 18 inches. Once this was finish, try covering them with soil as a deep two inches and start watering them.

Exposed its stem for 3 to 4 inch since you need to fill the trench again with another layer of soil. Place an amount of mulch to do the layering again and once it has been properly place try to water them again. Cutting down of dead foliage can help a lot to avoid them being rotten.

For the following years, you can harvest them when you noticed that they become more establish and vegetative and the spear is thicker than a pencil. They can be harvested for several weeks once the spears starts to show. After the harvest, allow them to grow again and replenish their nutrients for the next production.

You can identify a type of asparagus through its color and they have different features as well. Purple, they are planted as purple but they change their color once cooked and they have a smaller amount of spears. White, they are sweeter but it does not have enough fiber because they are grown with lesser light form the sun that causes to block the chlorophyll.

In preparing it, just avoid ways that you might lose its nutrients. They can help against cancer which has the ability to neutralize cells that are damage. It has a high of amino acid where it can help people who have kidney problems.

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