Let Metal Garden Art Give Your Yard New Life

Even if your house is an architectural masterpiece, it won’t be that impressive if the yard isn’t up to scratch. A stunning garden can actually enhance your home and make it seem much more impressive than it is. Thoughtful landscaping can do wonders for the value of the property and with the clever use of metal garden art, you’ll be able to impress everyone who comes to visit.

More and more people are opting for works of art to enhance their gardens. Metals such as iron, bronze, copper and aluminum are especially popular as the media to use. Old implements and even tin cans or other pieces of junk can get a new life as part of an eye-catching sculpture. Big or small, functional or quirky, the possibilities are endless.

Some of the simplest pieces to make yourself are signs. You just need some thick wire and a pair of piers to get started. Form words by twisting the wire into cursive letters and then fix these to walls or to a piece of wood that can be planted in flower beds. Use words to inspire, like ‘peace’ or ‘love’, or make signs for the herb beds, showing which herbs are planted where. You may even use signs to identify different nooks and crannies, like ‘Dad’s sanctuary’.

A little more complicated is to make silhouette cut-outs, for instance a woodpecker that you then fix to the trunk of a tree. You may also want to invest in welding equipment so that you can make larger, more intricate sculptures. Let your imagination run wild but take care that the pieces will blend in with and complement the plants.

If you have an interest in engineering, you may want to try your hand at making kinetic sculptures. These are pieces that have moving parts. Most often the movement is created by using wind or solar energy. However, you can also use battery power. Wind spinners and weather vines are simple to make and will become even more striking if you add bits of colored glass or mirrors to the mix.

If you normally prefer function over form, it might be time to combine the two. A gate or a trellis doesn’t have to be a boring structure but can be embellished with curls and other shapes. Rain chains are a way to create a calming water feature that uses the water from the roof gutters. You can make sculptures that double as plant holders or bird baths too.

Wind and rain will cause oxidation and your artworks will become rusty over time. To prevent this, simply paint or spray them with rustproofing. There’s nothing wrong with rust, however. It can even give the pieces more character.

If you’re not really artistically inclined, there’s no reason why you can’t have garden art. Simply buy some pieces from landscaping and gardening supply stores or online. Alternatively, ask an artist to create a unique piece just for you.

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