Make your Kitchen fit for Guests

Having friends and family over for dinner and drinks is a great way to socialise and make the most of your home. Creating a stylish, spacious and accessible area to entertain can easily transform your house from an everyday abode into a desirable and modern dinner party venue. Whether you are looking to create a more efficient dining space for Christmas dinner or simply create a more stylish room for evening drinks with friends, you are sure to fulfil all of your needs by redesigning and remodelling your kitchen.

So, let’s take a look at a few things you can achieve by swapping around your kitchen and exactly how to achieve them!

Suitable Seating

Ensuring you have sufficient space for your guest to sit and eat, chat and drink is the first step towards creating a host’s/hostess’ kitchen. Modern day breakfast bars can be aesthetically wonderful; they are fantastic to look at (especially if bought to adhere to the kitchen’s colour scheme) and can provide enough seating for 6 or 8 friends to drink at if sufficient stools are provided. This can be ideal for hosting dinner parties, and even better if you are planning to have friends round for evening drinks.

If you have a more spacious kitchen, a sizable dining table may be a better suited option for you; this allows guests more space and more comfortable seating. One downfall the breakfast bar has is that stools can eventually become uncomfortable and may start to frustrate guests; the dining table allows for more spacious and comfortable seating, keeping guests happier for longer.

Pleasing Features

Ensuring your kitchen is equipped with enough modern and stylish features to both ‘wow’ and appease guests will put the finishing touches to the evening. Being able to throw together a smoothie or cocktail with a modern and stylish blender can add a fun and interesting twist to the evening, especially when guests are left to try it themselves! Think about which contemporary features you can add which will benefit guests and add heaps of style simultaneously.

Add some designer kitchen taps, fashionable seating and stylish glasses and cutlery to ensure you are adding heaps of style in the areas that guests will be seeing the most of. This ensures you are highlighting the areas of your home that guests will be using and impressing visitors at every turn!

So there we have some simple tips which are sure to help you create an impressive and contemporary entertaining space. 

This article was written by guest blogger Daniel Travis – Brown, for more great hints and tips follow Daniel on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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