Methods Used In Roof Cleaning Pensacola FL

The litter, debris and green stuff on your roof can be unsightly especially if the rest of the house is sparkling. If these materials are not cleaned the wood may start to rot attracting animals to your home. Untreated stains affect the integrity of the roof and its life span. Roof cleaning Pensacola FL can be quite difficult.

Tidying up the roof is inevitable when putting up your house for sale. There are many cleaning solutions available in the market. Many times it is not easy to tell the best to use in your shelter. Chemicals, pressure washers as wells as manual appliances can be used to tidy up. There is conflicting information about the safety and effect of many products in the market.

Some chemicals are made to be sprayed and left to do the work on their own. Alga and moss have to be cleaned off first by scraping manually. This gives a clear way for these chemical to penetrate. When the rains come, the stains together with the chemicals are washed off leaving a clean shelter. Other chemicals are different and after application, they have to be washed off using pressure washers. This is of course a faster process.

A pressure washer is another method used. They are used hand in hand with revolving brushes. Pressure washers alone are not capable of removing permanent stains and if used too often there is the risk of flooding and damage to tiles. A combination of pressure washers and chemicals is one of the best ways to clean.

A contractor begins by carrying out a survey and a risk assessment to determine the type and extent of dirt. They may offer a price range for the costs to be incurred. After you have agreed on the price, cleaning can commence. The organic forms of growth have to be removed by use of a manual process to allow penetration of chemicals. The down pipes may be covered to protect them from damage.

Fungicides are applied to curb any organic growth of moss, lichens or alga for a period of time. The fungicides are also able to kill spores of these organisms that might not have been seen during the cleaning. An environmental friendly fungicide should be used so as to not pollute the environment.

When the roof is clean and any broken parts repaired, a coating is applied that serves a protective purpose. A heavy coat is first applied to ensure that it goes deep into the tile to giver longer life. When it dries up, a second coat is applied that adds more protection and color depth to the tiles. This coat together with the fungicide prevents growth of mosses, lichens as well as algae for some years.

It is very important have a professional experienced contractor clean your roof. It is dangerous for you to be up there so do not do it yourself. In addition, some contractors use bleach to clean which greatly damages your roof and is also harmful to any plant growing. A professional well done service can give you a 3 year assurance of keeping organic growth at bay.

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