The Making of a Modern Home, Technology Now

Have you come up with seemingly crazy ideas that could make your everyday tools and appliances even more useful? Almost everyone has probably experienced moments where they suddenly imagine a regular object has the capability to do extraordinary things. Anyone would be happy with a side table that can heat up or cool down beverages when you set them on top of it. Technologies all over the world are already so advanced that common home furniture and house fixtures are now equipped to be more efficient.

Made by In Style Modern, this infographic entitled “The Makings of a Modern Home” discusses the different types of innovations you can have in your household. In recent years, regular objects are able to do things that they weren’t normally intended for. Discover the cool gadgets you can install in your house. Find interesting inventions like the Memory Coffee Maker, Honda Miimo, and Self-sterilizing Door Handle.

The Making of a Modern Home, Technology and Home Automation

Source: In Style Modern Office Furniture

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