New vs Used – Mmm Mmm Good!

New homes definitely seem to have lots of the good stuff – open floor plans, lots of light and higher energy efficiency. Kitchens and baths have luxurious amenities, modern, quiet appliances and state of the art plumbing. Just being able to choose colors – down to the doorknobs – makes the purchasing of a new home so much fun! Best of all, you’ll love that no one used that kitchen or bathroom before! (I don’t know that I can put a price tag on that one!)

I find when I look at used homes, I walk through and say to myself, “Well, I would change that out.” or “These carpets have got to go!” The next thing you know, “Ka-ching, ka-ching!” I realize I would be spending $5,000 to $10,000 just on getting the house to look the way I want.

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