Options Available For Senior Housing New Jersey

Seniors require basic and medical care though at times it can be difficult to properly look after them. The good news is that there are various senior housing New Jersey options which you can consider depending on the health status of the elderly, his ability to move and the need for homecare. Below are some of the available options.

The first one is the independent living community. The independent living community is a maintenance-free home or apartment which is meant for independent and active seniors. So the seniors living in this type of a home are mostly responsible for themselves but the community provides laundry, a meal or two, 24-hour security, fitness centers, pools and transportation to many events, among other services.

The senior may also be placed in assisted living facility. In this kind of a community facility the seniors do not necessarily need medical services from skilled professionals like it is the case with nursing homes. In many cases they have a problems staying alone for they are not able to access the support they may require from home. In such a facility meals are served thrice a day in a dining area. The elderly are also assisted in laundry, bathing managing medication, housekeeping and security 24 hours a day. The community helps by offering health and medical services as well as medical supervision and assistance.

The other available option is the continuing care retirement facility. In this facility they have a combination of services offer in independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services. The services extended to the seniors include garden maintenance, laundry, home maintenance, housekeeping, and security availability 24 hours. They are also provided with activities such as tennis, golf, swimming and art classes among other social and recreational activities. In this option seniors are provided with a legally binding agreement that the facility will provide them with housing and other services as long as they are alive.

Nursing homes are meant for seniors who need full-time care. To be accepted in a nursing home, the seniors are required to have a physician order. These homes offer 24-hour medical and nursing care as well as personal care like bathing, dressing, toileting and eating. The physical care includes speech therapy, social activities and occupational therapy. The seniors are given three meals daily which are served in the dining area or at the seniors room.

There are two groups of nursing homes namely skilled intermediate care facilities and nursing facilities. The difference between the two is that the skilled nursing facility offers 24-hours nursing supervision while the intermediate care facility provides nursing supervision eight hours a day.

The Alzheimer or the memory care option can be a unit in an assisted community, continuing care retirement, nursing homes or at times they may stand alone. They help to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer disease as well as other dementia-related disorders. They have staff and they are designed to provide 24-hour security plus care for people at every stage of dementia. Nursing care is provided as well as therapy and activities which can be helpful to promote the life quality of the person with dementia.

Hospice care as an option for senior housing New Jersey is meant for people who are diagnosed with terminal illness. This kind of care can also be provided at home or in a nursing home. Hospice care covers nursing and medical care, therapy, spiritual, emotional and bereavement support.

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