Paulownia Trees And General Information On Trees

Paulownia trees feature among the best and oldest trees around the world. The term tree has several definitions. Under botany biologists define them as perennial plants with branches, trunks, and supporting leaves. Under special cases the definition of a tree is limited to woody plants or plants of a certain height. Bananas, bamboo, palms, and ferns are included in the broader definition of trees.

Plants have distinct lifespan some survive for many years whereas some grow seasonally. They grow to various heights. The present tallest tree is estimated to be 115.6 meters or 379 feet. Botanists tend to believe that plants can only grow 426 feet or 130 meters as the maximum height. They are among the first living organisms to have inhabited the Earth. It is estimated that they occupied the Earth surface 370 million years back.

Vegetation has evolved over time in response to varying climatic conditions and aspects such as competition. The increase in height is a significant feature of evolutionary adaptation. They grow tall as a result of increased competition over sun-light and space. Tall species easily access sunlight rays, which allow them to make food unlike dwarf species. The dwarf species have altered structures for their survival. They twist on taller species so as to access sunlight rays and for support.

They grow in great numbers in tropical areas. The tropics have the necessary growth conditions like sufficient sunlight, adequate rainfall, and fertile soils. The diversity of trees remains unclear since different species germinate in various places under varying climatic conditions. Botanists are still gathering data and surveying the different species.

A typical tree consists of parts such as branches, trunk or stem, leaves, and roots. Each part has a special function that it serves. The stem or trunk supports the branches. Roots provide support or anchorage as well as absorbing nutrients from the soil. Leaves photosynthesize under sunlight to provide food required for development and growth of the tree.

Plants play a great part in controlling pollution, moderating the climate, and reducing erosion. They clean excess carbon dioxide from the environment through carbon cycle. They maintain and hold soil strongly around roots thus minimizing erosion on soil. They are a rich source of fruits and home to birds. They are utilized as medicine in therapy of many illnesses. Some function as worship places and shrines for various communities.

Plants are currently under threat due to human activities. People are cutting down more vegetation as they as they open up more land for cultivation. They are important to both the environment and humans. The need to conserve plants led to formation of universal organizations whose duty is to educate and encourage people to plant more vegetation. The world environment day is celebrated as a way of reminding people to preserve the environment.

Paulownia trees are cultivated in good conditions to increase the possibility of growth and survival in all climatic conditions. The tree nurseries in Paulownia are attended to by well trained agriculturalists. Experts in the area research adequately to make sure they effectively deal with plant diseases. They may be reached via their blogs over the internet.

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