Philippe Van Den Bossche & 3 Great Soil Types

Depending on which type of soil that you decide to go with, your garden is most likely going to shift in a number of ways. It’s apparent that there are various types of soil that can prove to be useful and Philippe van den Bossche will be able to say the same on the matter. Which soil types are the ones to keep in mind the most, you may wonder? Here are just 3 soil types that, in my view, are worth keeping in mind for your garden.

Sandy soil is just one of the many names that Philippe van den Bossche will be able to tell you about. One of the reasons for its distinction is the – as you can imagine – sandy texture, which is made from minerals like quartz. One of the biggest concerns about sandy soil, though, is that it stands the chance of evaporating water far quicker. What this means, though, is that plants which do not require moisture can thrive, as cacti is just one of a few examples to consider.

Another type of soil that’s worthy of your attention is silt, which is a smoother type of soil that is made up of compacted particles. This is what allows silt to have a less rugged texture than sandy soil but the problem that I have seen with silt is that it is more susceptible to drainage. This is one of the few cons associated with silt, as Philippe van den Bossche will be able to tell you. With that said, though, names like Philippe can attest to the fact that lush greens and colorful flowers work best with silt.

If you are talking about some of the smaller soil particles, chances are that you are going to want to look at clay. One of the reasons why clay soil is looked at is because of how closely packed together said particles are; as a result, it is actually a heavier soil than most would give it credit for. While this might be viewed as nothing but a negative, clay soil can actually keep in nutrients very well. From what I have seen, colorful plants seem to grow the best in this soil.

There are many different types of soil to take into account and these are a couple that should be utilized for agricultural purposes. It’s clear that soil is important for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the cultivation of plants in the long term. If you are looking for reasons as to why certain types of soil are used as opposed to others, these bits of information should help you along. If you want to expand your garden in the long term, all soils should be considered.

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